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Spell check of pen

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Correct spelling:
An inclosure for animals.
Penned, pent.
Pointed instrument for writing.
To inclose in a pen; confine.
To write.
prison (noun)
confine, keep, stockade, lockup, cage, cooler, handcuff, pound, penal colony, stronghold, jug, bridle, tether, reformatory, Bastille, coop, harness, gaol, irons, oubliette, jail, pinion, Alcatraz, San Quentin, prison, collar, straight jacket, reform school, penitentiary, shackle, cell, dungeon, vise, manacle, brig, jailhouse, pillory, fence.
arena (noun)
hippodrome, hall, battlefield, dominion, turf, domain, area, precinct, arena, circle, bailiwick, realm, enclosure, battle-ground, circus, ground, stage, amphitheater, auditorium, ring, province, setting, room, Colosseum, gymnasium, locale, theater, region, courtyard, field, campus, gallery, circuit, beat.
enclosure (noun)
jail, cage, confinement, trap, enclosure, fence, envelopment, prison, cell, barrier.
Other synonyms:
brand, note, fountain pen, farmyard, house of correction, set down, wall, can, Biro, crook, slammer, back end, sty, corral, commit something to paper/writing, spell, fold, AGP, accelerated graphics port, cow town, transcribe, compose, big house, pokey, highlighter, words, dip, crate, publish, marker, indite, ballpoint, drop a line, felt-tip, cartridge, stir, get down, pasture, graphite, hoosegow, base hardware, the can, save, paddock, ADC, auxiliary device, chicken run, free, bridgeware, the slammer, frame, compile, lead, inkstand, barnyard, the clink, write, hedge, accelerator card, cattle prod, penitentiary, bus, calaboose, close, kraal, dairy, copy down, A drive, joint, clink, playpen, record, put pen to paper, draw up.
Examples of usage:
  1. You live pen in hand during your four years in college. - "Talks to Freshman Girls", Helen Dawes Brown.
  2. " I think," he said, " thirty- five years of age full soon enough to put pen to paper." - "William Hickling Prescott", Harry Thurston Peck.
  3. I sat at the table and picked up a pen. - "A Chair on The Boulevard", Leonard Merrick.

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