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Spell check of pellucid

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Correct spelling:
Very clear; transparent.
Other synonyms:
patent, easy, transparent, limpid, make sense, luculent, sheer, intelligible, decided, unadorned, gauze-like, plain, diaphanous, logical, crystal clear, unmistakable, lucid, gauzy, open-and-shut, ringing, distinct, clear-cut, understandable, bright-line, manifest, clear, unequivocal, guileless, cloudy, hazy, gossamer, crystalline, simple, translucent, bald-faced, palpable, bald, lucent, vapourous, barefaced, cobwebby, vaporous, see-through, explicit, crystal, coherent, filmy, perspicuous, unambivalent, obvious, straightforward, unambiguous, apparent, evident, broad, milky, luminous, liquid, opaque, nonambiguous, touch.
Examples of usage:
  1. Our names are set in " caps," and we have a brisk paragraph apiece, admirable pieces of composition, pellucid, compact, nervous. - "Walking-Stick Papers", Robert Cortes Holliday.
  2. The walk up the stream from to where the valley of the becomes more open and less striking, is mostly made by footpath; and the pellucid river is crossed, and recrossed, and crossed again, by a constant succession of ferries. Dinant Houyet, Lesse - "Beautiful Europe - Belgium", Joseph E. Morris.
  3. Those who are not daunted by the Paracelsus and chapter, where the subject requires some close and patient attention, will find vigorous narrative and pellucid exposition interwoven in such a way as to keep them in intimate and constantly closer touch with the " biography of mind." Sordello Browning's - "Robert Browning", Edward Dowden.

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