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Spell check of passing

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Correct spelling:
dying (verb)
deceasing, passing on, ceasing, expiring, ending, falling, perishing, succumbing, departing, dying, passing away, parting.
transient (adjective)
impermanent, short-lived, instantaneous, fading, mortal, mutable, flitting, restless, flickering, ephemeral, short-term, transitory, temporal, shifting, volatile, evanescent, cursory, fickle, rootless, temporary, fleeting, transient, momentary, changeable, brief.
moving (adjective)
stirring, moving, active, transiting, running, going, coursing, flowing, proceeding.
happening (verb)
taking place, occurring, coming to pass, transpiring, ensuing, happening.
moving (verb)
stirring, going, proceeding, transferring, budging, transiting, running, flowing, shifting, relocating, moving, coursing, actuating.
death (noun)
parting, fatality, ending, cessation, expiration, extinction, decease, demise, death, dissolution, annihilation, quietus, end, release.
Other synonyms:
mortality, issue, short-lived, ephemeral, cursory, loss, divergence, acquittance, sack, sledding, mountain pass, death throes, liberation, fugacious, way out, downwind, tone ending, flash, time, spillage, cross-country, release, inconstant, completion, passageway, slip by, short, bereavement, down, button, passing game, deviation, few, intervene, pending, minimum, undone, overtaking, crossing, exit, transitory, bye, musical passage, abortive, transit, extremely, sketchy, outstanding, moving, counterclockwise, press release, deciduous, discharge, walk, elapse, time flies, careless, spill, passage, fleet, pass, withdrawal, handing over, floating, going away, perfunctory, outlet, handout, transient, morbidity, eastbound, deprivation, crack, fugitive, liberty chit, freeing, red, toss, going, expiry, sacking, death rate, dismissal, temporary, left, homeward, termination, laissez passer, notch, wear on, sparse, closure, vent, mere, transition, personnel casualty, impermanent, finish, super, passing play, scant, clockwise, base on balls, dismission, only, enactment, exceedingly, leaving, superficial, flying, go, pass, close, fling, ahead, little, offer, difference, unfinished, red ink, flip, tick away, qualifying, incomplete, around, the passage of time, casual, conclusion, transeunt, creep by, departure, strait, expiration, waiver, firing, slight, exhalation, death toll, limiting, whirl, barely, continue, straits, variable, partial, go by, satisfactory, breathing out, modification, light-touch, highly, head, passport.
Examples of usage:
  1. But it was not passing after all. - "The Heather-Moon", C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson.
  2. Paulding was raising salary among his personal friends, and his check came to her directly without passing through the general treasury. Yetta's - "Comrade Yetta", Albert Edwards.
  3. It seems passing strange, does it not? - "The Nest of the Sparrowhawk", Baroness Orczy.

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