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Spell check of parted

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Correct spelling:
disjoint (adjective)
sundered, separated, disassembled, disassociated, cleaved, excised, disengaged, split, disconnected, divided, fragmented, divorced, dissected, unfixed, disintegrated, uncoupled, scissored, segregated, fissured, unglued, rent, sliced, broken, detached, unhinged, halved, incised, dissociated, partitioned, disarticulated, bisected, severed, cut, disunited, disjoint, dismantled.
dead (adjective)
fatal, dead, departed, perished, expired, fallen, extinct, passed, deceased, annihilated.
dissociated (verb)
severed, separated, cleft, disconnected, uncoupled, disassociated, disengaged, disjoined, dissociated, dismantled, insulated, broke, excised, partitioned, cleaved, split, ruptured, sundered, divided, segregated, broken, alienated, halved, divorced, disunited, rent, fragmented, detached.
departed (verb)
decamped, went, abandoned, fled, exited, gone, withdrawn, withdrew, departed, embarked, quit, left.
died (verb)
passed on, ended, fallen, perished, deceased, succumbed, passed, died, passed away, fell, expired, departed, ceased.
separated (verb)
split, bisected, broken, dissociated, disunited, axed, rent, disaffiliated, cleaved, halved, broke, pared, cut, alienated, severed, disintegrated, segregated, unhinged, disengaged, unfixed, estranged, disassociated, incised, disassembled, sundered, dismantled, excised, divorced, removed, sliced, disjoined, unglued, disconnected, ripped, fragmented, uncoupled, separated, amputated, divided, dissected, detached, insulated.
halved (verb)
severed, ruptured, halved, branched, bisected, fissured, slitted, split, cut, rented, torn, axed, cleaved, bifurcated, tore, forked, divided, ripped.
Other synonyms:
Examples of usage:
  1. The girls talked a little longer and then parted. - "The Rebel of the School", Mrs. L. T. Meade.
  2. The parted lips closed with a half- smile. - "Uncle William The Man Who Was Shif'less", Jennette Lee.
  3. Not even to save the farm would he have parted with the faithful animal. - "The Story Of Kennett", Bayard Taylor.

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