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Spell check of Paralleling

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Correct spelling:


following, reflecting, Emulating, Imitating.
allegory, analogy, association, balancing, collation, comparability, connection, contrast, correlation, discrimination, distinguishing, dividing, estimation, example, exemplification, identification, illustration, juxtaposition, likeness, likening, measuring, metaphor, observation, opposition, ratio, relation, resemblance, segregation, separation, similarity, testing, weighing, Analyzing, Paralleling, Relating, Collating, analogizing, bringing together, balancings, exemplifications.
apery, carbon copy, clone, counterfeit, counterpart, duplicate, duplication, echoing, fake, forgery, image, impersonation, impression, matching, mime, mimesis, mimicry, mockery, parallel, parody, phony, picture, reflection, replica, reproduction, ringer, semblance, simulacrum, simulation, takeoff, transcription, travesty, xerox, Aping, Aperies, Mirroring, Paraphrasing, Patterning, Counterfeiting, representing, duplications, transcriptions, parroting, phonies, echoings, matchings, dupe*, ditto*, sham*, ersatz*.
facsimile, sham.
accord, answer, attune, blend, click, cohere, coincide, concert, concord, concur, consort, fit, get along with, harmonize, jibe, square, suit, synchronize, tally, go together, go well with, fall in with, be in harmony, go hand in hand.
acclimatize, accommodate, acculturate, accustom, adapt, blend in, homogenize, homologize, intermix, mingle, standardize, become like, become similar, go native.
adjust, cancel, collate, come out, compensate, counteract, counterbalance, equalize, even, level, neutralize, nullify, offset, oppose, pair off, poise, readjust, redeem, set, stabilize, steady, tie, weigh, make up for, come out even.
border on
abut, adjoin, approach, come near, connect, contact, echo, impinge, join, march, near, neighbor, resemble, touch, verge on, be like, be similar to, lie near, lie next to.
accumulate, assemble, collect, gather.
comparing, contrasting, likening, matching, Allegorizing.
copying, echoing, feigning, flattering, mocking, portraying, pretending, reflecting, repeating, Aping, Duplicating, Emulating, Imitating, Impersonating, Mimicking, Mirroring, Parodying, Resembling, Simulating, Counterfeiting, miming, parroting, replicating.
agree, assimilate, collimate, collocate, compare, complement, conform, copy, correlate, correspond, equal, equate, imitate, keep pace, liken, match, paragon, parallelize.
corresponding, Equaling.
Examples of usage:
  1. Now, paralleling us at just over two hundred miles, the giant ship spun along, at rest relative to us. – Greylorn by John Keith Laumer
  2. She had not awakened to any hot ambition until she had been fired with the incentive of paralleling his own educational course. – The Tempering by Charles Neville Buck
  3. We'd have our road about half completed when we'd bust up in business; indeed, the minute Pennington suspected we were paralleling his line, he'd choke off our wind. – The Valley of the Giants by Peter B. Kyne
  4. Why, we'll simply have to enter the city down Front Street, paralleling Pennington's tracks on Water Street, turning down B Street, make a jump- crossing of Pennington's line on Water Street, and connecting with the spur into our yard. – The Valley of the Giants by Peter B. Kyne
  5. The result is a state of affairs exactly paralleling conditions in our own South, the South African whites feeling obliged to protect their ascendancy by elaborate legal regulations and social taboos. – The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy by Theodore Lothrop Stoddard