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Spell check of Paralleling

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Correct spelling:
of Parallel
comparing (verb)
comparing, contrasting, likening, matching, allegorizing.
imitating (verb)
parodying, emulating, aping, echoing, copying, imitating, reflecting, mirroring, duplicating, portraying, parroting, pretending, mimicking, resembling, repeating, replicating, counterfeiting, impersonating, simulating, flattering, feigning, mocking, miming.
paralleling (verb)
corresponding, equaling, matching.
Examples of usage:
  1. He pulled his horse out into the trail paralleling the muddy road, jerked his hat down lower over his forehead, slumped forward a little in the saddle, and gave himself over to the sleepy thirty mile ride to Camp. Harte's - "Six Feet Four", Jackson Gregory.
  2. with tense voice, said to We have succeeded in paralleling experiment. Bartol, Stinchfield: " Crookes' - "Victor Ollnee's Discipline", Hamlin Garland.
  3. Patches was wondering what had so quickly changed his mood, when he caught sight of two horsemen, riding along the top of the ridge that forms the western side of the wash, their course paralleling that of the Cross- Triangle men, who were following the bed of the wash. companion's - "When A Man's A Man", Harold Bell Wright.

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