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Spell check of outlandishness

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Correct spelling:
absurdity (noun)
paradox, farce, eccentricity, inconsistency, invalidity, contradiction, implausibility, absurdity, meaninglessness, idiocy, self-contradiction, folly, incongruity, irrationality, impossibility, ludicrousness, bizarreness, inanity, craziness, baloney, anachronism, nonsense, foolishness, silliness, preposterousness, balderdash.
ridiculousness (noun)
dubiousness, silliness, grotesqueness, foolishness, ridiculousness, farce, ludicrousness, nonsensicality, outrageousness, incredibility, weirdness, curiosity, eccentricity, bizarreness, craziness, absurdity, preposterousness.
vulgarity (noun)
clumsiness, ignominy, tactlessness, indelicacy, brazenness, coarseness, depravity, repulsiveness, offensiveness, tawdriness, grossness, baseness, vernacular, saltiness, barbarism, colloquialism, earthiness, crudeness, garishness, lowness, gaudiness, rawness, animality, shamelessness, roughness, brutishness, tastelessness, rudeness, profanity, sleaze, broadness, commonness, vulgarity, inelegance, boorishness, gracelessness, rankness, crassness.
extraneousness (noun)
segregation, foreignness, impertinence, inadmissibility, irrelevance, strangeness, disconnection, inappropriateness, dissociation, inapplicability, detachment, extraneousness, separation, disaffiliation, disjunction.
unconformity (noun)
divergence, funniness, exception, incompatibility, unconventionality, difference, singularity, freakishness, uncommonness, aberrance, oddity, curiosity, deviation, irregularity, quirkiness, impropriety, abnormality, unfamiliarity, eccentricity, aberration, derangement, strangeness, anomaly, uniqueness, incongruity, peculiarity, idiosyncrasy, inconsistency, nonconformity.
Other synonyms:
bizarreness, weirdness.
Examples of usage:
  1. They were a family party of old and young, they were having a good time, with a freedom which she called baronial; the ladies wore white satin, or black lace, but the men were in sack- coats; she chose to attribute them, for reason but their outlandishness, to Transylvania. no - "Their Silver Wedding Journey", William Dean Howells.
  2. I will not have it said, she persisted, that my son is working as a common factory hand, nor will I have our name associated with that wretched old creature whose profanity and general outlandishness are the town- talk and the constant theme of newspaper squibs. - "A Knight Of The Nineteenth Century", E. P. Roe.
  3. The whole aspect of the country is military; rural outlandishness has been drilled into rigidity and pattern. - "Highways and Byways in Surrey", Eric Parker.

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