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How do you spell ostrich in words?

How to write ostrich? The answer is: zero.
Correct spelling:
Large swift running bird, found in Africa.
bird (noun)
dodo, barn owl, swift, flamingo, grackle, heron, rook, cormorant, grosbeak, turkey, buzzard, bird, turtledove, horned owl, nuthatch, loon, plover, tern, crane, emu, jay, vulture, dove, eagle, falcon, mockingbird, cockatoo, egret, myna, mourning dove, crested jay, peacock, osprey, weaver, bluebird, kingfisher, blue jay, wren, redbird, robin, duck, partridge, sparrow, cardinal, starling, swan, bittern, swallow, snipe, ibis, macaw, cassowary, grouse, sea gull, pelican, crow, thrush, quetzal, squab, parrot, parakeet, hummingbird, canary, curlew, raven, jackdaw, peregrine, waxwing, harrier, bluebill, hawk, goldfinch, condor, lovebird, yellowbird, gull, goose, teal, sandpiper, booby, nightingale, lark, blackbird, Canada goose, bullfinch, songbird, mallard, tit, woodpecker, coot, chickadee, oriole, finch, penguin, cuckoo, bald eagle, stork, albatross, redwing, pigeon, puffin, ringtail, pheasant, owl, spoonbill, magpie, road runner, sheldrake.
Other synonyms:
bobwhite, turn a blind eye (to something), gloss over, connive, sweep aside, budgie, look the other way, overlook, pass over, ignore, wink at, bluejay, budgerigar, bantam, bird of paradise, Struthio Camelus, play/act dumb.
Examples of usage:
  1. Girls in factories- girls that wear fringes, and sham pearl beads, and six ostrich feathers in their hats on Sundays? - "The Case of Richard Meynell", Mrs. Humphrey Ward.
  2. On either side of him run the fan- bearers, who manage, by a miracle of skill and activity, to keep their great gaily- coloured fans of perfumed ostrich feathers waving round the royal head even as they run. - "Peeps at Many Lands: Ancient Egypt", James Baikie.
  3. Indeed, the Germans had for years kept a civilian army in England, and yet we had, ostrich- like, buried our heads in the sand, and refused to turn our eyes to the grave peril that had for so long threatened. - "The Invasion", William Le Queux.

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