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Spell check of original

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Correct spelling:
First; not copied or imitated; having new thoughts or ideas.
Origin; first copy; language not translated.
original (noun)
forerunner, pattern, precursor, prototype, archetype.
creative (adjective)
constructive, prolific, conceptive, ingenious, imaginative, innovative, resourceful, visionary, creative, fertile, productive, inventive.
beginning (adjective)
early, Genesis, baby, fetal, first, introductory, alpha, germinal, newborn, precursory, commencing, infantile, hatching, nascent, beginning, maiden, infant, preparatory, emerging, primeval, dawned, primordial, sprouting, preliminary, incipient, inaugural, primal, embryonic, initial, aboriginal, new, starting, formative, foremost, budding.
original (adjective)
novel, creative, genuine, unique, ingenious, innovative, initial, prototypical, first, authentic.
Other synonyms:
seminal, underived, freehand, innovative, underivative, novel, pilot, master copy, fresh, innovational, newfangled, germinal, master, avant-garde, archetype, first, daring, freehanded, new.
Examples of usage:
  1. Original thought is much more common than is generally believed. - "Luck or Cunning?", Samuel Butler.
  2. The original stock of cattle would have increased through care until there were enough for all. - "The Virginia Company Of London, 1606-1624", Wesley Frank Craven.
  3. They have been left as in the original. - "Practical Ethics", William DeWitt Hyde.
Common misspellings:
  1. orginal (32%)
  2. origional (16%)
  3. orignal (12%)
  4. origianl (5%)
  5. origanal (5%)
  6. orginial (4%)
  7. origonal (4%)
  8. originial (2%)
  9. orignial (2%)
  10. oringinal (1%)
  11. origianal (1%)
  12. orgional (1%)

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