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Spell check of orifice

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Correct spelling:
A hole; opening.
opening (noun)
entrance, cleft, hole, hatch, yawning, gate, mouth, opening, pore, inlet, crack, embouchure, gap, chasm, door, aperture, portal.
Other synonyms:
flank, hatchway, initiative, abdomen, back, possibility, open, opening, body, chess opening, girth, curtain raising, perforation, belly, outlet, belly button, first step, vent, opening move, possible action, porta, chest, scuttle, heart, front, opening night.
Examples of usage:
  1. To this box is bolted the wind- pipe B, and at its bottom is the slide E. In an orifice at the top of A is a triangular and oval breaker D, connected to a rod operated by the handle C. This rod is protected from the filling which is placed between the brickwork and the shell F of the forge by being encased in an iron pipe I. The blast passes up around the triangular oval piece D. The operation is as follows: when D is rotated, it breaks up the fire and the dirt falls down into the wind- box, cleaning the fire while the heat is on. - "Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II", Joshua Rose.
  2. insects were discovered in it; nor is any perceptible orifice alluded to; yet this Toad had increased from grains to grains. No 1185 1265 - "The Romance of Natural History, Second Series", Philip Henry Gosse.
  3. Looking quickly around they saw that the bit of wood which had been used to close the orifice between the logs had fallen or had been pushed out and lay on the ground. - "The Lost Trail", Edward S. Ellis.

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