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Correct spelling:
Regular arrangement; quiet; rule; command; a class or society.
To arrange; command.
category (noun)
stripe, genus, people, kind, style, genotype, ilk, denomination, category, grain, caste, brand, persuasion, stamp, race, mold, stock, set, line, feather, clan, breed, taxonomy, phylum, family, kingdom, classification, species, series, level, class, variety, form, make, step, grade, designation, rank, degree, label, strain, sort, type.
precedence (noun)
primacy, position, antecedence, priority, precession, place, anticipation, earliness, precedence.
peace (noun)
serenity, armistice, amity, peace, concord, tranquility, orderliness, quiescence, quietness, peacefulness, rest, calm, repose, nonresistance, cease-fire, quiet, accord, nonaggression, neutrality, truce, placidness, friendliness.
clean (verb)
tidy, purify, launder, sanitize, clear, sweep, disinfect, cleanse, wash, clean, wipe, neaten, sterilize, scrub, purge, filter.
order (noun)
symmetry, normalcy, normality, organization, steadiness, uniformity, consistency, stability, harmony, regularity, arrangement, method, system, balance, efficiency.
sequence (verb)
succeed, string, rank, chain, array, progress, thread, procession, follow, sequence, succession, align, concatenate, arrange, progression, queue, link, sort.
order (verb)
right, plot, compose, place, maintain, rank, plan, settle, structure, schedule, unsnarl, rationalize, orchestrate, array, separate, score, systematize, balance, sift, organize, schematize, screen, set, control, subordinate, design, marshal, rate, program, regulate, pigeonhole, type, chart, adjust, arrange, grade, group, scheme, fix, stratify, methodize, mediate, establish, support, stabilize, categorize, form, prepare, collate, normalize, class, sort, classify, harmonize, unify, devise, integrate, shape, frame, cast.
control (verb)
steer, supervise, direct, harness, superintend, preside, rule, manage, dominate, govern, pilot, execute, lead, bridle, administer, control, command, discipline, oversee.
categorize (verb)
sort, pigeonhole, designate, assort, group, label, cast, categorize, brand, class, arrange, stamp, classify, type.
Other synonyms:
baptize, confusion, coloration, baptise, BYO, condition, parade, baptism, all-you-can-eat, standardizing, article, coiffure, bless, tax with, ranging, exhibition, secernate, arabesque, consecution, context, point, severalize, summons, crop, procedure, law, cosmos, integrity, observance, ordered, like, consortium, fiat, shipshape, prohibition, streak, conveyance, legalism, holy order, reservation, install, word, just so, sect, assortment, put, ordinate, league, regulate, hostel, allege, canon, order of magnitude, companionship, state, localise, sight, beau monde, ordering, outrank, fraternity, say, claim, annul, ordinance, requisition, MBE, lodge, plead, pronounce, guild, precede, stray, mark, social club, do, estate, management, systematization, straddle, stage, rewrite, board, ascetic, words, brown-bag, ensnare, roam, roll, gear up, reserve, procession, acquittal, bidding, kilter, effect, set out, mandate, the Book of Common Prayer, hunting lodge, bar, college, argyle, sodality, magnitude, ask for, pose, status, congress, grade, confederation, enjoin, bon ton, lay, swan, amount, stratum, plea, course, post, commandment, custom, cross section, tier, codicil, boss around, distribution, articulate, put in, entreaty, generic, orderly, bill, rove, fix up, award, observation, trimming, mandate, climate, charge, institute, heap, buying, environment, aim, trim, Baha'i, commit, enounce, lot, order of battle, effectuate, rite, society, instruction, recount, suppose, come out, pitch, ball club, fettle, nick, estate, enunciate, council, station, engagement, uncluttered, catechism, sorority, recite, put together, federation, description, redact, entrap, rear, affidavit, hallow, insist on something, couch, obedience, subspecies, better, regularise, parliamentary procedure, format, health, manicured, invite, bracket, range, bring in a verdict, prescribe, computation, layout, requirement, nine, formation, bishopric, secern, collection, citation, animism, ritual, nightspot, severalise, situation, round, bishop, anthem, chronology, purchase, value, read, assemble, revision, union, battle array, regulation, systemization, govern, graze, neat, cabaret, arrange, folk, establishment, categorization, background, demand, rubric, rules of order, kidney, shipment, localize, run, smart set, browse, pile, auberge, hostelry, articulation, disposal, cooperation, gild, under the command of, the Archbishop of Canterbury, succession, instruction, genre, clubhouse, modulate, instal, order around, ordain, ordination, keeping, event, criminal record, indian lodge, bond, police, assure, ramble, methodicalness, differentiate, push around, scale, chamber, distinguish, golf-club, site, adherence, erect, injunction, set up, rig, abbess, army, archdeacon, night club, institution, solicitation, flash mob, vagabond, state of affairs, train, booth, place, brotherhood, revise, inn, orderliness, wander, decree, piece, benediction, nature, celebrate, influence, instruct, monastic order, Dame, flash mobbing, amen, by the authority of, division, progression, check, archbishop, contract, tradition, send, archbishopric, appeal, clause, pattern, pasture, vow, knighthood, conditions, give, assign, for, dress, launch, enact, covenant, coif, parliamentary law, tell, command, nightclub, sanctify, evidence, show, give-and-take, complaisance, gentry, disarray, determine, circumstance, lay out, cellar, tramp, adaptation, aver, coordinate, rank, direction, disposition, drift, request, congregation, acquit, over, come in, panel, brethren, manner, high society, call down, edict, imperative, baseball club, support group, column, injunction, tack together, tack, brother, quantity, bulk, regularize, narrate, hierarchy, commission, require, club, repair, abbot, configuration, company, bill of fare, knight, cleric, revisal, identify, fellowship, direction, application, beg, cult, booking, dictate, tell apart, cardinal, raise, invest, well-kept, deployment, behest, dedicate, grouping, sound out, coreligionist, ready, dub, baffle, rate, lineup, directive, devote, suite, consecrate, coiffe, compliance, call for, medallion, placement, line of battle, found, put up, routine, organized, index, layer, brief, setup, bus, locate, fitness, target, purchase order, rescript, association.
Examples of usage:
  1. He was not of the common order. - "The Squire's Daughter", Silas K(itto) Hocking.
  2. " I order the thing to be done at once," cried the general. - "His Sombre Rivals", E. P. Roe.
  3. Do good to others, not in order that they may do good to you, but because, by doing so, you do good to your own soul. - "The Soul of a People", H. Fielding.

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