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Spell check of operation

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Correct spelling:
Agency; influence; action; surgical act.
action (noun)
movement, motion, enterprise, activity, exercise, labor, conduct, deed, behavior, effort, action, performance, endeavor, practice.
application (noun)
conduct, use, application, function, exertion, practice, utility, utilization, employment, exercise, usage, service.
Other synonyms:
reaction, manipulation, thing, acquisition, brief, exploit, removal, manner, guidance, action, consummation, progress, working, the biz, performance, operate, agency, operating theater, go on, means, business, detail, result, public presentation, carrying out, run, control, governance, plan, maintenance, proceeding, cognitive operation, agent, stewardship, mental process, basis, handiwork, oversight, D and C, venture, superintendency, base, ordering, surgical process, direction, handling, procedure, post, account, formula, procedure, the Blitz, care, play, blast, excision, cope, move, come on, functioning, military operation, colostomy, C-section, surgical operation, surgical procedure, affiliate, assignment, performance, appendage, transaction, operating room, effect, conveyance, presidency, medicine, doing, way, regulation, physical process, adoption, appendectomy, unconscious process, operating theatre, process, bombing, circumcision, accomplishment, into operation, cesarean, wear, workmanship, administration, abortion, agency, outgrowth, charge, cognitive process, subprogram, routine, angioplasty, job, section, act, transplant, air strike, anchor, superintendence, achievement, controlling, blitzkrieg, progression, machine, implementation, feat, bypass, execution, technique, carrying into action, barrage, force, cut in, subroutine, influence, mode, supervision, bombardment, enforcement, intendance, big business, course, air raid, blue chip, method, charge, attack, running, mathematical operation, system, engagement, exploitation, blitz, advancement, work, dissection, demonstration, government, caesarean, surgery, consumption, mathematical process, tactic, used, management, summons.
Examples of usage:
  1. Another purpose, and the real one, is to secure, if possible, your co- operation in beating the game up there. - "Green Fancy", George Barr McCutcheon.
  2. " The operation of the First Law," Leda said. - "Unwise Child", Gordon Randall Garrett.
  3. And not only may there be such co- operation, but it must be. - "The Unity of Civilization", Various.
Common misspellings:
oparation, opereation, oeration, operationg, operaion, coperation, operationl, operition, obersation, opeation, opeartion, obsrvtiona, opration, opearation, operatio, operaton, operastion, opertaion, opporation, opretion, operaiton, opertation, opreration, operration, operatin, oprating, opperation, opertion, operartion, operatoin, orperation, opporations, operatiosn, opiration, opreation, operattion, oporation, oepration, poeration, operatino, operationi, operetion, operision, opersation.

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