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Spell check of open

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Correct spelling:
Not shut or inclosed; not close; free for use; public; frank.
To become open; begin.
To make open; begin.
susceptible (adjective)
susceptible, prone, liable, apt, vulnerable, likely, responsible.
open (verb)
unlock, disclose, release, unseal, reveal, undo, uncork, unplug, expose, bare.
open (adjective)
bare, admitting, yawning, exposed, patent, accessible, agape, unimpeded, unbolted, unobstructed, unclosed, unstopped, uncovered, out, ajar, gaping, unplugged, uncapped, manifest, unlocked, unbarred.
artless (adjective)
plain, unrestrained, candid, honest, undeceptive, undisguised, ingenuous, unsophisticated, artless, outgoing, downright, plain-spoken, trusting, sincere, undeceitful, genuine, unaffected, un-artificial, straightforward, frank, unbeguiling, direct, naive, broad, overt, unartful, undeceiving, blunt, natural, uncalculating, callow.
Other synonyms:
sacrifice, usable, heart-to-heart, stripped, feasible, therefore, go into, pop, continue, bold, on the loose, credit rating, unwritten, region, pass, anterior, surface, wave, dependent, free-for-all, unstinting, vindicated, pioneer, spacious, raw, on the fence, lawless, break your silence, openhanded, penetrable, owned, cut-rate, throw in, bounteous, unrestricted, inaugurated, percipient, stretch out, turn over, utilizable, transparent, cross-selling, expressive, tight, commercial, generate, burst open, devote, undefendable, pass around, start, leave, safe, closed, available, blazing, afford, cower, protection, give, unsafe, balanced, show, staring, fulsome, pay, taken, visible, found, decipherable, extemporize, one-on-one, disseminate, unsure, fold your arms/hands, discourteous, endangered, initiated, fan out, pectoral, doable, seasonal, turn out, buyer's market, bear, nonverbal, up to, consequently, illocutionary, escaped, munificent, fall in, distribute, barefaced, cave in, yield, crouch, freehanded, slobber, may, expansive, restricted, commercially, hold, establish, reach, round-eyed, denuded, obvious, move into, employable, untied, open air, peeled, accept, beauty parade, realistic, informal, foursquare, vague, render, circularize, crane, unmortgaged, up-front, debatable, disperse, free-spoken, prehensile, come up, impart, unlawful, unenclosed, die back, blustering, controversial, unsparing, account, removed, freehearted, unblocked, insecure, open-door, entertain, openhearted, truthful, nonunion, absolved, unbuttoned, apply, active, unclouded, free, custom-built, amenable, brand-name, adequate to, do, dissipate, site, receptive, admissible, business, go on, begin, point-blank, splay, freehearted, customer care, capacity, custom, communicative, founder, blossom, wide-eyed, cleared, contribute, commence, man-to-man, unguarded, by virtue of something, straight-from-the-shoulder, mature, debit, stretch, apart, circulate, squeeze, string out, clean, blossom out, amuse, subject, have, in principle, bountiful, rough, blink, possible, barred, extend, reach out, come out, forthright, indefinite, unfolded, scatter, principled, move over, kick in, bend, rent, indeterminate, drool, outspoken, person-to-person, pry, bank, equal to, close, asset, balance, spread, attainable, airy, ease up, refused, bud, introduced, coarse, uncivil, bald, viable, susceptive, forthcoming, open-minded, constitute, good, come into being, allowable, aftermarket, gift, break, detail, collapse, bring up, lax, readable, churn rate, spit, set up, tolerant, unaffixed, dissonant, sluttish, posterior, develop, broking, bluff, well-defined, operative, firm, diffuse, known, credit, sensible, consumable, bighearted, abrupt, hence, give way, from, try, vacant, pass on, unsolved, enterprising, adjust, ensuing, custom-made, loose, brokerage, clear, unfastened, assailable, be able to do something, thus, bow, conjure, interactive, welcoming, return, deposit, mortgage, cold call, humanly possible, uninhabited, borrow, make, operable, fine, going, salivate, empty, open up, blatant, agaze, expand, bloom, paralinguistic, go around, incorporate, pay in, impolite, naked, outdoors, present, on offer, business plan, well-known, broadcast, broad-minded, crack something open, fall/fit into place, hand, straight-shooting, branded, apparent, rational, book, as a consequence/in consequence, pragmatic, commit, set in, unprotected, charitable, undefended, clear-cut, decent, force, sensory, logical, arrive, wanton, double over, liberal, start up, dedicate, plainspoken, find your tongue, questionable, emcee, unresolved, knock-on, easy, grant, accordingly, debut, opened, hawk, honorable, wide, able, burrow, draw, upstanding, originate, add, unselfish, undetermined, fade, unclassified, sensitive, secluded, hyperactive, idle, conspicuous, cervical, certain, solid, unoccupied, straight-out, out-of-doors, drop, unsettled, propagate, undecided, unreserved, spread out, see, get out, rotate, aerofoil, exonerated, inconsiderate, clean-cut, irreproachable, exculpated, unscrew, kick, promiscuous, acceptant, out-front, permitted, verbal, begun, adaptable, cash-and-carry, overspread, in the public domain, crook, bestride, brusk, unclogged, light, throw, have/keep an open mind, extensive, uncertain, impartial, full-blown, screw up, (out) in the open, consecrate, slack, airfoil, feed, choke, spare, rude, unmannerly, public, clear-headed, straight, one-to-one, responsive, call, function, dribble, appear, climb, control surface, chip in, direct marketing, focus, arise, live and let live, unprejudiced, unstoppered, wide-open, pucker, capable, unfold, shut, blossom forth, circularise, unconstricted, grounded, practicable, practical, at large, centripetal, cannibalize.
Examples of usage:
  1. Too many people leave the door open. - "How to Live a Holy Life", C. E. Orr.
  2. I stand at the open door of my cell. - "Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist", Alexander Berkman.
  3. Keep your eyes open, Miss Mary. - "Mrs. Overtheway's Remembrances", Juliana Horatia Ewing.

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