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Correct spelling:
Forward; not off.
In contact with the upper part of; at; during; to; with; for; upon; by; after.
near (adjective)
beside, bordering, near.
Other synonyms:
here, touching, in/with regard to, onward, off, concerned, than, forward, crash diet, transfer, underneath, embark, before, by, televise, board, on duty, working, next, cordless, the... the..., detox, in connection with something, functioning, running, dark, get on, diet, all-or-nothing, clean, compared with/to, dapper, bespectacled, around, transmit, method acting, change, due date, gas, next to, cannibalism, acting, living, above, disembarkation, Atkins diet, coal-fired, dosage, 900 number, apart, biofuel, capacity, whereas, until, play date, 999, drug, break, brown-bag, biogas, in, functional, as for, rep, attired, wholesale, by/in contrast, clothed, toward, live, whenever, burn, clever, sell-by date, when, 0, dramatic, 911, contraindication, across, upon, moving, OD, alive, devoted, deadline, concerning, proceeding, time limit, screen, fossil fuel, injection, this, medicated, 0800 number, fuel, analog, operative, approaching, corseted, against, the last minute, deplane, narcotics, 1471, sometime, biomass, 190 number, all-inclusive, dashing, report, beam, carnivore, relatively, after, about, operational, catch, abstemious, due, complete, run, show, cannibal, operating, along, whole, all, -clad, debonair, come on, ahead, connected, 1800 number, also, everything, opposite, go up, automatically, overall, 800 number, then, the sum total, last, energy, beyond, dose, broken, built, in addition, relative, automatic, clockwork, regarding, going, at, 411, auxiliary, timing, closing date, under, covering, clad, altogether, active, cross-dressing, broadcast, in relation to, seen against something, happening, sunset provision.
Examples of usage:
  1. " Go on," said she. - "The-Burgess-Animal-Book-for-Children", Burgess, Thornton W. (Thornton Waldo).
  2. so on, so on. An' an' - "Susan Clegg and a Man in the House", Anne Warner.
  3. But there is need for you to take on about it. no - "Old Peter's Russian Tales", Arthur Ransome.

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