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Spell check of often

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Correct spelling:
while (adverb)
up to, till, meantime, always, meanwhile, throughout, for now, for the time being, during, in the course of, all along, up until, in the meantime, yet.
frequent (adjective)
repeated, many, common, prevalent, frequent, usual, habitual, recurrent.
Other synonyms:
over and over, again and again, practically, a lot, much, generally, lots, hourly, very much, consistently, naturally, customarily, as usual, all the time, a good deal, repeatedly, typically, usually, habitually, continual, routinely, continually, frequently, oftentimes, perpetual, normally, per usual, big, regularly, ofttimes, a great deal, constantly, oft, commonly, many times, regularly.
Examples of usage:
  1. Too often, one cannot help even where one would; here we must help, whether we will or no! - "A Northern Countryside", Rosalind Richards.
  2. I've often wished I could go back and live it over, even for one day. - "Grace Harlowe's Golden Summer", Jessie Graham Flower.
  3. But you will, dear, and you'll come and stay with often. us - "Lady Maude's Mania", George Manville Fenn.

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