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Spell check of off

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Correct spelling:
Away; not on.
From; not on.
nonconforming (adjective)
deviant, novel, misfit, exceptional, erratic, outlandish, quirky, odd, freakish, incompatible, peculiar, eccentric, different, extraordinary, uncustomary, curious, unconventional, unfamiliar, abnormal, divergent, queer, unusual, nonconforming, oddity, aberrant, singular, oddball, crosspatch, out of the ordinary, strange, idiosyncratic, funny, deranged, crazy, unique, untypical, anomalous, fey, atypical, bizarre, inconsistent, uncommon, improper, incongruous, mismatch, irregular, un-ordinary.
Other synonyms:
special offer, remove, narcotics, cracked, massacre, wretched, not go far, automatic, deficient, nasty, collide with, unproductive, blue, risqué, all the way, united, strangle, bush, forth, do in, subpar, onward, mad, beyond, above, paradise, unacceptable, sullen, waste, nearby, absenteeism, hit, maniacal, crackers, drug, increase, rub out, gaga, appreciate, frail, mistaken, zap, beneath, along, by, unbalanced, cash discount, be broke, erring, incorrect, aside, rack up, across, little, take someone's life, idle, finish off, take, bad, fateful, long-distance, broken, inferior, tasteless, daft, down, like, disembarkation, forward, paltry, sane, slay, not have a penny to your name, effective, crummy, afar, attendance, behind, dull, clear up, fruity, salty, on, get through, free, erroneous, arrive at, dissatisfactory, then, inexact, here, derisory, fallow, next to, close, make, pitiful, miserable, off-key, stumble, distraught, be better/worse off, untruthful, slaughter, substandard, wacky, stale, false, withdraw, enroll, wrap up, inaccurate, clean, dead, negligible, destroy, lame, OD, inedible, change, dark, spicy, lewd, enrollment, originated, get out of, nosedive, small, poor, come to, wipe out, lunatic, shoot, effectively, doff, embark, dosage, edgy, vacant, disordered, audit, after, slim, insane, be well/badly off, when, circumstantial, punk, daffy, fling off, glowering, assassinate, unemployed, absence, nuts, cuckoo, attain, racy, board, subnormal, absent, fallacious, begun, turned, bonkers, discharge, put away, fragile, whenever, take away, wack, dour, distant, next door, built, get, finish up, gain, off-duty, reduction, alongside, be caught short, eat up, murder, suboptimal, unused, peel off, sometime, loony, soft, catch, unsatisfactory, bush-league, further, score, attend, away, near, ribald, gone, finish, send off, before, outside, disconnected, despatch, until, concession, demented, pip, discount, dose, contraindication, situated, medicated, sour, mentally ill, long, wrong, exterminate, removed, impinge on, far, last, batty, get rid of, loco, wanting, unsound, injection, mistaken, kill, this, about, undecided, automatically, weird, cancelled, buggy, inert, returning, cordless, entrance, untrue, invalid, reach, initiated, clockwork, take pleasure in, mutilate, bastard, be hurting, deplane, off-color, analog, unpalatable, inadequate, confused, bananas, gamy, unreal, bawdy, twofer, apart, get on, not have a pot to piss in, inoperative, saturnine, liquidate, inactive, brainsick, face to face, tight, attached, coming, disrobe, lousy, morose, dormant, clever, bland, help, nutty, drop out, run into, glum, rancid, insipid, moonstruck, pull off, all, take out, meagre, from, maniac, slack, out, insufficient, wrong, sluggish, beside, scant, polish off, in short/limited supply, insane, strike, mop up, non compos mentis, slight, ahead, kick off, knock off, slow, auxiliary, touched, on sale, transfer, move out, mangle, latent, screwy, dotty, on offer, dispatch, moody, around, surreal, bump off, complete, ill, soured, correct, tally.
Examples of usage:
  1. Well, not saying I want her to go off and never see her again. that's - "Chicken Little Jane", Lily Munsell Ritchie.
  2. Well, I hope if you do do it, it will come off before that. - "The Bertrams", Anthony Trollope.
  3. As for me, I'm off. - "Slippy McGee, Sometimes Known as the Butterfly Man", Marie Conway Oemler.

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