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Spell check of Of

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Correct spelling:
From; out from; among; pertaining to.
relationally (adverb)
germanely, analogously, coincidentally, supplementally, concomitantly, dependently, connectedly, relevantly, attendantly, adjunctly.
Other synonyms:
respecting, appropriate to, by, in regard to, fore, regarding, initial, aesthetic, against, apropos of, amid, peculiar to, native to, aboard, Junior, coming from, assignment, in relation to, about, ere, having relation to, consanguineous to, from, a.m., toward, connected with, forward, as to, in reference to, half-hour, appertaining to, in/with regard to, as far as, attributed to, related to, ahead of, consequent to, around, among, out from, like, away from, out of, namesake, naming ceremony, ahead, pertaining to, legend, at, cum, composition, failing, as concerns, nameless, going from, afore, to, as regards, prior to, commission, apropos, effect, fast, cherub, draftsmanship, nee, on, as for, previous to, homage, referring to, proceeding from, based on, concerned, concerning, flavor, into, in connection with something, barring, belonging to, akin to, characterized by, touching, format, after, devoted.
Examples of usage:
  1. The and the of course. Frasers Griscoms, - "Together", Robert Herrick (1868-1938).
  2. " Here, one of you men! - "Robin Hood", J. Walker McSpadden.
  3. Friends of yours, maybe? - "Tom of the Raiders", Austin Bishop.

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