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Spell check of obviously

Correct spelling:
certainly (adverb)
undoubtedly, certainly, assuredly, irrefutably, doubtlessly, unequivocally, irrefragably, positively, surely, veritably, undeniably, clearly, trustingly, indubitably, definitely, steadfastly, absolutely, indisputably, incontrovertibly, unquestionably, plainly, incontestably.
Other synonyms:
seemingly, decent, yes, independent, needless to say, simply, it stands to reason (that), accepted, need I say more?, apparently, unbiased, plain, ostensibly, natural, it goes without saying (that), fair-minded, manifestly, of course, on the face of it, evidently, plainly, naturally, patently, you (only) have to do something, just, as you know, fair, legitimate, reasonable.
Common misspellings:
  1. obvioulsy (15%)
  2. obviosly (13%)
  3. obviosuly (8%)
  4. oviously (7%)
  5. obvisouly (6%)
  6. obiously (5%)
  7. obviuosly (5%)
  8. obvously (5%)
  9. obviusly (4%)
  10. obivously (3%)
  11. obviouly (3%)
  12. abviously (2%)
  13. obviouslly (2%)
  14. ovbiously (2%)
  15. obviousley (2%)
  16. obiviously (2%)
  17. obvisously (1%)
  18. obviousely (1%)
  19. obvoiusly (1%)
Examples of usage:
  1. " Quite obviously you were not," said Anne drily.
    - - "From the Housetops", George Barr McCutcheon.
  2. All London interests, indeed, were to be in his charge, and, obviously aware of this, he bore himself proudly with an air of importance that had connection with a common office.
    - - "From the Housetops", George Barr McCutcheon. Mr. Rogers's no - "A Prisoner in Fairyland", Algernon Blackwood.
  3. He was down here the other day, but I wouldn't let him say the things he obviously had come to say, and now he's on his way abroad and very likely we shall not meet again.
    - - "From the Housetops", George Barr McCutcheon. Mr. Rogers's no - "A Prisoner in Fairyland", Algernon Blackwood. - "The Precipice", Elia Wilkinson Peattie.
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