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Spell check of nuptial

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Correct spelling:
Of or pertaining to a spouse or marriage; nuptial; matrimonial; conjugal; bridal; as, spousal rites; spousal ornaments.
matrimonial (adjective)
matrimonial, marital, betrothal, spousal, bridal, espousal.
Examples of usage:
  1. He cannot bear that, even in a trifling matter, should find him forgetful of a promise: and he longs to lighten the sorrow of his friend who had written to him in some sudden affliction,- probably the loss of the bride in whose honour Catullus had, a short time previously, composed his great Nuptial Ode. Hortalus Manlius, - "The Roman Poets of the Republic", W. Y. Sellar.
  2. Furthermore, these species lack nuptial spines in breeding males. - "A Review of the Middle American Tree Frogs of the Genus Ptychohyla", William E. Duellman.
  3. My Lord regrets, he is not to be the nuptial father. 'that Lady's - "Clarissa, Volume 5 (of 9)", Samuel Richardson.

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