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Spell check of number

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Correct spelling:
A collection of things or persons; a unit; verse; in gram., difference expressing the singular or plural.
To count; reckon.
number (verb)
tally, swarm, abound, throng, count, enumerate.
amount (noun)
sum, piece, proportion, tally, allowance, total, quantum, measure, ration, quantity, portion, amount, allotment.
number (noun)
numeral, character, digit, symbol, figure, notation, integer, sign, cipher, bit.
Other synonyms:
allegro, take, figure of speech, curiosity, identification number, accumulation, paradox, subroutine, 900 number, issue forth, figures, modus operandi, backlog, turn of events, occur, depend, morsel, make out, flake, name after, 0, government issue, scrap, progeny, subdue, yield, baptize, turning, innumerable, add together, heel, number crunching, bout, rate, embrace, arithmetic progression, conglomeration, come in, base, accusative, totality, pygmy, account, arrangement, round, stroke, enactment, involve, reckoning, offspring, include, collocate, count, stunt, trick, amount, play, way out, egress, name, call after, effect, upshot, tour, exit, count in, routine, reckon, 0800 number, tote up, spectacle, matter, payoff, figuring, result, allophone, 1471, itemize, many, issuance, summate, derive, material body, bend, numeric, lean, work, antecedent, common factor, constant, frame, soma, act, minute, subject, public figure, whippersnapper, coefficient, get, zilch, twerp, numerate, numeral, twist, snippersnapper, bod, nonentity, weigh, representation, take in, outcome, bass, good turn, physique, too much to count, insignificancy, cast, bit, half-pint, tot up, quash, crook, batch, estimate, fig, pattern, get along, adjunct, insect, fleck, telephone number, figure, occasion, keep down, shtick, compute, consider, shrimp, recite, concerto, fall, 411, cantata, spot, publication, go, descend, physical body, arithmetic, phone number, answer to, second, numbers, 1800 number, fare, happening, chorus, allomorph, look, come, procedure, 911, Arabic numeral, come up, dwarf, add, itemise, deem, fraction, add on, total, opus, moment, plenty, go by, aberration, clause, arrive, turn, exploit, math, novelty, nullity, common multiple, consequence, tour de force, tot, mo, bite, function, subjugate, lightweight, spell, human body, ciphering, cube root, make sense, product, mathematics, exception, subprogram, return, increase, plenitude, follow, image, block, form, allocation, topic, build in, add up, chassis, issue, 190 number, run into, hail, capacity, bet, deed, andante, whole, proceeds, takings, design, adagio, air, nothing, calculate, number off, emergence, human activity, list, sum total, 999, emblem, reach, calculus, case, countless, enumerate, chant, tell, pip-squeak, shape, whole number, outlet, trope, chip, aggregate, abundance, zero, sum up, do, human action, 800 number, cleft sentence, incorporate, repress, anatomy, computation, call, cube, balance, reduce, snatch, christen, flesh, event, build, military issue, article, issuing.
Examples of usage:
  1. A large number of these grow on wood. - "Studies of American Fungi. Mushrooms, Edible, Poisonous, etc.", George Francis Atkinson.
  2. It was a number of the and was more than a year old. Moniteur - "Renée Mauperin", Edmond de Goncourt and Jules de Goncourt.
  3. There was any number of questions to ask. - "The High Calling", Charles M. Sheldon.

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