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Spell check of Nuclei

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Correct spelling:
foci (noun)
forums, lures, funnels, crossings, hearts, hubs, foci, intersections, essences, centers, magnets, souls, plenums, lodestars, spirits, cores, bottlenecks, cruxes, kernels, polestars, epitomes, rallies, gatherings, axles, asymptotes.
middles (noun)
middles, mediocrities, hearts, bull's-eyes, bisections, halfway points, midpoints, midsts, cores, hubs, pivots, averages, centers, axes, nubs, halves, epicenters, kernels.
Examples of usage:
  1. The higher results are probably the least in error, upon the data involved; for the assumption made as to the amount of uranium in the nuclei of the haloes was such as to render the higher results the more reliable. - "The Birth-Time of the World and Other Scientific Essays", J. (John) Joly.
  2. Their nuclei I could not observe. - "The Metal Monster", A. Merritt.
  3. These corpuscles, being admitted into the moist air of our earth, form nuclei of condensation and drops are formed; and the growth of the high, fleecy clouds finds its beginning around these corpuscles. - "The Universe a Vast Electric Organism", George Woodward Warder.

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