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Correct spelling:
At this time; at one time.
But; then; things being so.
now (noun)
immediacy, instant, present, today, here and now.
Other synonyms:
sexism, soon, straight away, whatever, outright, there I was/we were, present-day, these days, straightway, time, instanter, forthwith, flat, feminist, in a flash, instantaneously, straight, new, turned-on, however, in real time, feminism, what/why/how/where etc. on earth, at all, without delay, with that, someone does something, in the world, like a shot, you know, momentarily, fast, sexual politics, existing, today, suffragette, at a time, headlong, suddenly, I see, promptly, at one time, the long and the short of it, at once, def, current, direct, cool, instantly, trendy, straight off, right off, hip, and, just now, whenever, OK, sexist, all right, of course, I'm sorry, emancipated, at this juncture, I see/take your point, at present, currently, it all began, at the moment, well, hep, this instant, whoever, mod, (in) the least, immediately, once upon a time, gotcha, groovy, right away, on-the-spot, directly, existent, with-it, who/why/what etc. ever?, if you like, like, actually, wherever, I know what you mean, to be continued, I know, right now, presently, to make/cut a long story short, oh, glass ceiling, time, in, nowadays, straightaway, contemporary, sometimes, downtown, the women's movement.
Examples of usage:
  1. " Now, just think of it," continued Crowder. Mr. - "The Vizier of the Two-Horned Alexander", Frank R. Stockton.
  2. But, now, I don't know. - "Christina", L. G. Moberly.
  3. Now I was to know. - "The Betrayal", E. Phillips Oppenheim.

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