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Spell check of novelty

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Correct spelling:
newness (noun)
newness, freshness, avant-garde, lateness, contemporary, topicality, currency, modernity.
curious (adjective)
fashionable, odd, unusual.
Other synonyms:
life, gimcrack, diversity, variety, new, occasion, tchotchke, vicissitude, impertinence, transmutation, mystery, alteration, gewgaw, regeneration, gold, bauble, toy, newfangledness, curio, gall, etceteras, revolution, animation, cheekiness, gaud, renewal, bric-a-brac, doodad, curiosity, transformation, happening, bling, spectacle, knickknackery, crust, ornamental, fallal, bracelet, impudence, paradox, novelties, insolence, thing, buzz, stroke, trinket, exception, knickknack, jewel, jewellery, odds and ends, bangle, spark, transition, fascination, color, glow, trifle, freshness, bite, vitality, sundries, originality, treasure, jewelry, aberration, number, mutation, renewing, whatnot, innovativeness, variation, change, innovation, kickshaw, nicknack, chain, conversion, bibelot.
Examples of usage:
  1. They need not have worried, however, for the boys found too much novelty even in this forest home ever to feel the lack of city life. - "The Shagganappi", E. Pauline Johnson.
  2. He was not pleased with the novelty; but at the same time he felt a lack of the courage to answer her as she deserved, even if she was playing a clever game. - "The Grain Of Dust A Novel", David Graham Phillips.
  3. This was something of a novelty to Cathead. - "Sube Cane", Edward Bellamy Partridge.

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