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Spell check of notation

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Correct spelling:
Act of noting, system of characters.
indication (noun)
symbol, alert, signal, tag, prompt, lighthouse, semaphore, denotation, guidepost, sign, legend, gesture, icon, stamp, token, cue, indication, gesticulation, marker, banner, key, signpost, logotype, motion, pointer, emblem, flag, designation, brand, figuration, label, wave, crest, badge, hint, wink, ticket, logo, insignia, beacon.
writing (noun)
transcription, handwriting, journalism, literature, rewriting, writing, composition, recording, formulation, portrayal, authorship, ghostwriting, typescript, calligraphy, correspondence.
number (noun)
numeral, character, digit, symbol, figure, number, integer, sign, cipher, bit.
Other synonyms:
bar, annotation, allegro, bar line, words, mathematics, jotting, banker's bill, annotating, adagio, arithmetic, bill, tone, arr., clef, banknote, greenback, musical note, notes, note, promissory note, andante, memorandum, representation, system, bank bill, eminence, bank note, preeminence, short letter, billet, con amore, government note, notational system, line, con brio, bass clef, memo, note of hand, distinction.
Examples of usage:
  1. Doubtless the vanity of the craftsman demands satisfaction; but chiefly the child wishes to assure itself that some impartial judge can interpret its notation. - "Since Cézanne", Clive Bell.
  2. In this instance, however, you will find a notation on the flap of the envelope that reads: Oliver Drew, Flat, California. 'From Halfmoon - "The Heritage of the Hills", Arthur P. Hankins.
  3. It is likely that this musician was well known in Italy and that he would not have had to rely for his immortality upon the passing mention of a poet if the art of notation had been more advanced in his day. - "Some Forerunners of Italian Opera", William James Henderson.

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