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Spell check of nosey

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Correct spelling:
offensively curious or inquisitive; " curious about the neighbor's doings"; " he flipped through my letters in his nosy way"; " prying eyes"; " the snoopy neighbor watched us all day"


nosey, nosy, prying, snoopy.
acid, acrid, aromatic, bitter, hot, odoriferous, peppery, piquant, poignant, racy, rich, salty, seasoned, sharp, snappy, sour, spicy, stinging, stinking, strong, tangy, tart, zesty, effluvious, whiffy.
curious, nosy, prying, snoopy.
Examples of usage:
  1. Nosey Flynn asked, sipping. – Ulysses by James Joyce
  2. You will doubtless notice that when father or husband close their eyes, sitting in comfortable chairs by the fire, they are always meditating, and never sleeping, little nosey protestations to the contrary. – People of the Whirlpool by Mabel Osgood Wright
  3. A very annoying, nosey one, I grant you. – The Cry at Midnight by Mildred A. Wirt
  4. Now, to begin with, we'll agree that it ain't none of my darn business, and I'm an old gray- headed nosey, and the like of that. – Cape Cod Stories The Old Home House by Joseph C. Lincoln
  5. And now, Mr. Jones, I'm old, as I said afore, and nosey maybe, but I like that girl. – Cape Cod Stories The Old Home House by Joseph C. Lincoln