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Spell check of nice

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Correct spelling:
Fastidious; refined; requiring delicate discrimination or treatment; exact; agreeable.
good (adjective)
praiseworthy, pleasant, five-star, commendable, benign, fine, splendid, topnotch, exemplary, good, worthy, admirable, excellent, beneficial, worthwhile, first-rate, favorable, laudable.
approved (verb)
likable, superior.
friendly (adjective)
spontaneous, warm, warm-hearted, welcoming, genuine.
Other synonyms:
stony, antagonistic, discerning, involved, felicitous, discriminating, genial, churlish, workmanlike, proficient, becoming, mincing, gracious, dainty, demure, pretty, particular, honorable, ingratiating, irreproachable, exacting, smooth, artful, mellow, comely, minute, clear, finicky, meticulous, priggish, agreeable, cultured, unpleasant, high-grade, beautiful, virgin, restful, fussbudgety, old-maidish, enough, relaxing, sharp, cheerful, enjoyable, stiff, twee, stiff-necked, precise, like, considerate, unassuming, persnickety, comminuted, right, particular, genteel, straitlaced, skillfully, gratifying, indecorous, grateful, tight-laced, pure, heavenly, discriminate, careful, straightlaced, elegant, well-disposed, benignant, hostile, friendly, big, keen, aloof, correct, congenial, hairsplitting, pleasant, lovely, subtle, puritanical, distant, courteous, choosy, slender, winning, delightsome, handsome, stilted, pleasurable, critical, delightful, expert, careless, darling, tight, pernickety, inviting, jolly, detailed, victorian, confusing, chaste, distinguishing, delicious, virginal, obliging, attractive, prudish, fussy, rude, delectable, true, finicking, accept, restraint, punctilious, masterly, square-toed, satisfying, overnice, straight, formal, polished, comme il faut, decorous, righteous, incomprehensible, kindly, refined, slick, kind, niminy-piminy, luscious, tasty, fastidious, starchy, cold, finespun, subtile, practiced, good, prissy, masterful, tenuous, unfriendly, good-tempered, virtuous, adept, contorted, broad, all right, courtesy, demanding, sweet, high-minded, just, prim, icy, winsome, welcome, gauzy, confused, skilful, honest, decent, intricate, thin, moral, polite, upright, sensitive, accurate, correct, finical, trivial, respectable, barnstorming, complex, sex, cordial, nuanced, good-natured, hairline, small, right, exquisite, de rigueur, savory, ethical, delicate, accomplished, modest, skillful, slight, palatable, seemly, elaborate, ability, exact, right-minded, clarified, straight-laced, befitting, dreamy, pleasing, affable, blessed, proper, bonny, difficult, charming, picky, gentle, amiable, helpful, adequate, prepossessing, squeamish, strait-laced, complicated, sweet, braw, dulcet.
Examples of usage:
  1. At first it was very nice. - "Milly and Olly", Mrs. Humphry Ward.
  2. " They have a nice story to tell up there now. - "The Sand-Hills of Jutland", Hans Christian Andersen.
  3. Well, it wasn't a very nice thing to say, was it? - "Love Eternal", H. Rider Haggard.

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