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Spell check of negating

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Correct spelling:
Alt. of Gladiatorian
confuting (verb)
confuting, repealing, disavowing, disaffirming, rejoining, denying, disputing, invalidating, rebutting, disproving, repudiating, conflicting, contradicting, abrogating, challenging, abnegating, refuting.
negating (verb)
nullifying, inverting, disputing, counterbalancing, contradicting, disclaiming, overturning, renouncing, disaffirming, effacing, reversing, canceling, denying, checking, repudiating, disproving, disavowing, invalidating.
annulling (verb)
disavowing, divorcing, dismissing, eradicating, undoing, disaffirming, repudiating, dissolving, revoking, abnegating, obliterating, deleting, destroying, neutralizing, rejecting, eliminating, annulling, vetoing, disclaiming, abolishing, denying, retracting, canceling, withdrawing, extinguishing, refuting, effacing, invalidating, nullifying.
disproving (verb)
rebutting, defending, disproving, refuting, confuting, subverting, overturning, contravening, parrying, opposing, denying, contradicting, belying.
Examples of usage:
  1. It can only be removed by further post- hypnosis under the same treatment, negating the original command. - "Brink of Madness", Walter J. Sheldon.
  2. Harsh as the reply of the Allies is to the offer, it would most likely have been put in much more negating terms had not the American note caused the Entente Allies to avoid a blunt " and content themselves with raising objections and interjecting accusations. No" - "Face to Face with Kaiserism", James W. Gerard.
  3. They are negating these concepts to put new ones in their place! - "The Ego and His Own", Max Stirner.
Common misspellings:
  1. negoating (29%)
  2. negoting (29%)
  3. neigoting (29%)
  4. neogiating (14%)

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