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Spell check of neanderthal

Correct spelling:
Other synonyms:
conservative, numpty, piggy, maniac, Neandertal, the Dreamtime, natural, Neanderthal man, barbarian, rude, swinish, loutish, airhead, fossilized, boorish, heathen, clown, unrefined, Carboniferous, lump, dweeb, fossil, uncultivated, oafish, uncivil, Neanderthalian, barbaric, fool, Cro-Magnon man, Neandertal man, anorak, hoggish, drip, uncivilized, era, ammonite, dinosaur, fogey, heathenish, diehard, wild, drongo, idiot, dumb blond, joker, homo sapiens neanderthalensis, dope, piggish, fart, barbarous, the Cretaceous, bore, fossilize, caveman, porcine.
Common misspellings:
  1. neandrethal (24%)
  2. neaderthal (14%)
  3. neantatal (14%)
  4. neanderthol (14%)
  5. neanderthaw (10%)
  6. neantethal (10%)
  7. neanterthal (10%)
  8. neanderthalian (5%)
Examples of usage:
  1. In shape the Neanderthal man comes nearest to it.
    - - "A Manual of the Antiquity of Man", J. P. MacLean.
  2. It seems to me more likely that the Creator is just shaking his head and saying, I suppose I'd better go back to the Neanderthal man and start all over again.
    - - "A Manual of the Antiquity of Man", J. P. MacLean. 'Well, - "Seeing Things at Night", Heywood Broun.
  3. The highest appreciation of the Neanderthal man- a somewhat flattering appreciation, as we shall see- is that he had reached the level of the Australian black of to- day.
    - - "A Manual of the Antiquity of Man", J. P. MacLean. 'Well, - "Seeing Things at Night", Heywood Broun. - "The Story of Evolution", Joseph McCabe.
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