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Spell check of natty

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Correct spelling:
fashionable (adjective)
swank, conventional, chichi, refined, dashing, tony, rakish, showy, smart, vogue, stylish, coordinated, snappy, modal, dapper, slick, chic, fashionable, fancy, up-to-date, ritzy, decorous.
Other synonyms:
futuristic, devil-may-care, space-age, raffish, alert, spruce, rakish, crisp, debonaire, gallant, jaunty, nice, well-dressed, prim, up-to-the-minute, clean, fashionable, modernistic, nippy, smart, ahead of your/its etc. time, contemporary, brisk, frosty, tidy, rattling, orderly, lively, snappish, trim, stylish, dapper, nipping, whipping, advanced, debonair, zippy, spanking, neat, sharp, state-of-the-art, chipper, hip, modern, dashing, spiffy, merry, snappy, cleanly.
Examples of usage:
  1. This natty blade was, I presumed, our driver. - "Prisoner for Blasphemy", G. W. [George William] Foote.
  2. The christening of his brother he remembered with all its circumstances, and said his mother taught him to spell and pronounce the words Natty, syllable by syllable, making him say it over in the evening to her husband and his guests. 'little ' - "Anecdotes of the late Samuel Johnson, LL.D. during the last twenty years of his life", Hesther Lynch Piozzi.
  3. He introduced him to big, good- natured Thayer, to natty little Charley to the elder and his talented son Bob, to J. M. Kelly, the long distance single somersault leaper, to little Jimmy Reynolds, the clown, to Thayer and her charming daughter. Dr. Noyse, Stickney Mrs. - "Watch Yourself Go By", Al. G. Field.

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