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Spell check of mortal

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Correct spelling:
Liable to die; deadly; punishable with death; human.
transient (adjective)
impermanent, short-lived, instantaneous, fading, mutable, passing, flitting, restless, flickering, ephemeral, short-term, transitory, temporal, shifting, volatile, evanescent, cursory, fickle, rootless, temporary, fleeting, transient, momentary, changeable, brief.
human (adjective)
public, human, familial, communal, social, folk, popular.
Other synonyms:
animal, last, harmful, deathly, unmerciful, injurious, fugacious, unpardonable, possible, antipathetic, individual, fatal, person, basic, soulfulness, creature, unfriendly, affective, baneful, jaundiced, psyche, negative, mortuary, depth, virulent, perilous, the multitude, man, autoimmune, natural, communicable, human, body, perpetual, congenital, adversarial, human being, thinkable, personage, blind, Joe Blow, unsafe, clinical, homo, likely, ending, vital, dangerous, deep, the general public, terminal, life, the human race, extreme, asymptomatic, precarious, grand, killer, burning, chronic, venomous, eternal, deadly, pestilent, earthly, acutely, being, poisonous, fell, the animal/plant kingdom, adversary, hazardous, acute, ruinous, conceivable, antagonistic, bitter, casual, murderous, someone, advanced, live, the grassroots, somebody, disastrous, risky, benign, malignant, unsympathetic, damaging, the people, fauna, the masses, Everyman, earthborn, deadly, inimical, genotype, beings, merciless, deathlike, inhospitable, dead, catching, Jane Doe, organism, party, imaginable, the little people, soul, lethal, deep-seated, baleful, an ordinary/average/regular Joe, frail, pernicious.
Examples of usage:
  1. " Any mortal thing," I repeated. - "The Red Planet", William J. Locke.
  2. Well, Hilary, I'm mortal glad to have the field clear in this case, because I want you to help me. - "The Triumph of Hilary Blachland", Bertram Mitford.
  3. Joseph read my letters to her, and, as he told me in later days, they gave him mortal pain. - "Strange True Stories of Louisiana", George Washington Cable.

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