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Spell check of minority

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Correct spelling:
The smaller number; state of being a minor.
Other synonyms:
few, handful, youth, immaturity, minimum, law, absorption, developmental, full-blooded, early, boyhood, anglophobe, acceptance, acculturate, adolescence, the Bakke decision, infancy, childish, nationality, group, girlhood, ethnic minority, little, black, apartheid, nonage, Brown v. Board of Education, community, one or two, scarcity, assimilation, childhood, barely, desegregation, sparse, race, slight, scant, absorb, Aryan, accept, assimilate, anglicize, color-blind, only, babyish, communal, opposition, hairsbreadth, color line, Black Power, anti-Semite, development, anti-Semitic, ethnic, scattering, multiracial, childlike, sprinkling, nation, mere.
Examples of usage:
  1. The " Irish Volunteers," as the called themselves, were made to feel that they were a minority, and an unpopular minority in more than one instance. dissentients - "John Redmond's Last Years", Stephen Gwynn.
  2. But there was a small minority who felt bound to stand up for orthodoxy. - "Love's Final Victory", Horatio.
  3. Such men were luckily in the minority. - "My Reminiscences of the Anglo-Boer War", Ben Viljoen.

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