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Spell check of might

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Correct spelling:
Power; strength; energy.
authority (noun)
precedence, credential, title, enfranchisement, puissance, license, powerfulness, mightiness, cogency, mastery, superiority, clout, charge, primacy, punch, potency, domination, office, empowerment, prestige, sovereignty, faculty, force, kingship, control, stature, birthright, strength, sway, commission, influence, rank, power, steam, entitlement, command, seniority, privilege, purview, right, prerogative, mandate, authority, prepotency.
strength (noun)
huskiness, vitality, stability, power, vigor, potency, stoutness, strength, sturdiness, stamina, study at strength, firmness, muscle, clout, energy, brawn, toughness.
energy (noun)
energy, force, zip, spark, drive, verve, power, zeal, effervescence, spirit, strength, stamina, potency, vigor, vim, vivacity, fervor, zing, spunk, fire, pep, puissance, snap, activity.
power (noun)
puissance, energy, grasp, strength, command, vigor, potency, control, power, mastery, force, competence, authority.
Other synonyms:
great power, action, leadership, doubtful, exponent, index, thew, I don't suppose, may, readiness, talent, there is no question of something, must, inconceivable, susceptibility, remote, power, sprightliness, what's that supposed to mean?, go, efficacy, skill, dexterity, unlikely, get-up-and-go, baron, can, mightiness, it's just a thought, efficiency, dominion, ability, could, what if...?, give me strength, top executive, brother, qualification, monopoly, cleverness, for crying out loud, dim, world power, over, major power, capacity, long odds, greatness, magnate, what's the big idea?, for heaven's sake/sakes, give me a break, cannot, shall, firepower, oligopoly, for pity's sake, should, business leader, hell, peppiness, aptitude, say-so, king, big businessman, perhaps, animation, sinew, you'll be lucky, expertness, ought, competency, mogul, superpower, used to, I thought (that), strong, jurisdiction, capability, potence, darn, tycoon, how about...?, improbable, why not...?, horsepower, maybe.
Examples of usage:
  1. Yet you might do so much. - "The Orchard of Tears", Sax Rohmer.
  2. It might be money in it? - "King--of the Khyber Rifles", Talbot Mundy.
  3. But, who might that be? - "The Ancient Irish Epic Tale Táin Bó Cúalnge", Unknown.

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