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Spell check of meditator

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Examples of usage:
  1. This agonizing consciousness of loss and of close- impending disgrace was the wolf which this Spartan stockbroker concealed beneath his waistcoat day after day, while the dull common, joyless course of his existence went on; and his shallow wife smiled at him from the opposite side of his hearth, more interested in a new stitch for her crotchet or berlin- wool work than by the inner life of her husband; and Charlotte and her lover contemplated existence from their own point of view, and cherished their own dreams and their own hopes, and were, in all things, as far away from the moody meditator as if they had been natives of Upper India. - "Charlotte's Inheritance", M. E. Braddon.
  2. Well, the difference was, that De had not the smarting sense of honour with women which our meditator had: an impartial judiciary, it will be seen: and he discriminated between himself and the other justly: but sensation surging to his brain at the same instant, he reproached Miss Middleton for not perceiving that difference as clearly, before she betrayed her position to De which Vernon assumed that she had done. Craye Craye, - "The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith", George Meredith.