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Spell check of management

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Correct spelling:
Act of managing; conduct; contrivance; administration.
business (noun)
transaction, market, governmental, business, establishment, commission, busy work, merchant, negotiation, holding, barter, posting, service, practice, supervisory, position, assignment, administrative, interest, calling, station, trade, occupation, livelihood, profession, industry, retailing, employment, exchange, selling, company, activity, consortium, corporation, specialty, labor, enterprise, concern, partnership, situation, official, firm, venture, vocation, affair, commerce, job, career, proprietorship.
control (noun)
helm, control, discipline, leadership, bridle, oversight, government, conn, harness, domination, direction, command, administration.
command (noun)
commission, direction, will, hold, charge, prowess, government, supremacy, command, law, power, mastery, domination, reign, rule, sovereignty, control, sway, mandate, coordination, discipline, grasp, grip, authority.
Other synonyms:
directorate, chairmanship, heed, prudence, superintendency, forethought, adventurism, conservation, administer, attention, instruction, focussing, precaution, admin, middle management, guidance, board, the front office, intendance, crisis management, counselling, watchfulness, vigilance, stewardship, handling, superintendence, husbandry, C of C, perplexity, keep, steering, focus, circumspection, preservation, affect, caution, care, solicitude, supervision, running, focal point, counseling, governance, operation, over, anxiety, counsel, direction, lead, trouble, presidency, boardroom, regulation, focusing, way, CSR, conservancy, wariness, worry, critical-path method, chamber of commerce, centering.
Examples of usage:
  1. Now, however, she hoped that, with James management, things would go better, and she would be able to hold her mental head a little higher in her own presence. Dow's - "Alec Forbes of Howglen", George MacDonald.
  2. The management always send me to wait upon English visitors. - "A Butterfly on the Wheel", Cyril Arthur Edward Ranger Gull.
  3. Fortunately he was able to keep our ship under perfect management, and so, without accident or even a shock, he brought gently to land, not far from the spot where had seen the signs of life. us Thorwald - "Daybreak: A Romance of an Old World", James Cowan.

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