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Spell check of making

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Correct spelling:
production (noun)
generation, construction, development, production, execution, formation, fabrication, manufacture, creation, building.
creating (verb)
conceiving, inventing, building, fabricating, developing, forming, originating, producing, constructing, creating, generating, formulating.
preparing (verb)
furnishing, devising, arranging, developing, composing, equipping, preparing, formulating, currying, mobilizing, marshalling, outfitting, fashioning, setting, priming, readying, constructing, fabricating, warming up, dressing, drafting, fostering, fitting.
causing (verb)
originating, producing, engendering, causing, giving rise to, generating, motivating, driving, enforcing, executing, effecting, engineering, inspiring, acting, eliciting, bringing about, provoking, inducing, forcing, evoking.
fathering (verb)
procreating, founding, creating, siring, engendering, fathering.
structuring (verb)
shaping, constructing, arranging, structuring, framing, constituting, building, composing, forming.
producing (verb)
mothering, fabricating, fathering, forming, manufacturing, producing, creating, inventing, developing, generating, building, executing, originating, constructing, cultivating.
Other synonyms:
industry, material, stuff, mass production, reservation, means of production, timber, reckoning, heavy industry, substance, raw material, concluding, qualification.
Examples of usage:
  1. You're making the suggestion for the best, I know; but I think it's a foolish idea. - "Dawson Black: Retail Merchant", Harold Whitehead.
  2. use making him mad. No - "Hopalong Cassidy", Clarence E. Mulford.
  3. And I can't do that without making some acquaintances, can I? - "Lord John in New York", C. N. Williamson A. M. Williamson.

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