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Correct spelling:
Of to make.
produced (verb)
mothered, fabricated, fathered, formed, manufactured, produced, created, invented, developed, generated, built, executed, originated, constructed, cultivated.
structured (verb)
shaped, constructed, arranged, structured, framed, constituted, built, composed, formed.
prepared (adjective)
prepared, constructed, composed, fitted, devised, primed, fashioned, fostered, marshaled, warmed up, outfitted, curried, mobilized, fabricated, developed, furnished, arranged, equipped, dressed, readied, formulated, drafted.
caused (verb)
gave rise to, drove, acted, driven, brought, enforced, inspired, executed, caused, given rise to, generated, induced, engineered, produced, motivated, originated, brought about, engendered, provoked, elicited, effected, forced, evoked.
fathered (verb)
procreated, founded, created, sired, engendered, fathered.
prepared (verb)
furnished, devised, arranged, developed, composed, equipped, prepared, formulated, curried, mobilized, marshalled, outfitted, fashioned, set, primed, readied, constructed, fabricated, warmed up, dressed, drafted, fostered, fitted.
created (verb)
conceived, invented, built, fabricated, developed, formed, originated, produced, constructed, created, generated, formulated.
Other synonyms:
gangster, be rolling in money/it, mobster, mafioso, be made (for life), goodfella, the Mafia, the mob, be born with a silver spoon in your mouth, the Cosa Nostra, be well/badly off, gangland, godfather, successful, finished, ready-made, be in the money.
Examples of usage:
  1. You've made up too old." - "Country Neighbors", Alice Brown.
  2. What a fool he had been made by hope! - "Comrade Yetta", Albert Edwards.
  3. made answer. Donnegan no - "Gunman's Reckoning", Max Brand.

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