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Spell check of machinate

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Correct spelling:
To contrive; plot.
Other synonyms:
organize, conspire, cabal, devise, complot, prepare, conjure, organise.
Examples of usage:
  1. Don't suppose I am going to have you poisoned, or that I shall shoot you by accident, or machinate against you in any way whatever; but life is very uncertain; and- my dear Alan- you do ride remarkably hard." - "Barren Honour: A Novel", George A. Lawrence.
  2. Her body never becomes machinate, whereas this new phase of organism, which has been introduced with man into the mundane economy, has made him a very quicksand for the foundation of an unchanging civilisation; certain fundamental principles will always remain, but every century the change in physical status, as compared with the elements around him, is greater and greater; he is a shifting basis on which equilibrium of habit and civilisation can be established; were it not for this constant change in our physical powers, which our mechanical limbs have brought about, man would have long since apparently attained his limit of possibility; he would be a creature of as much fixity as the ants and bees- he would still have advanced but faster than other animals advance. man's no no - "The Note-Books of Samuel Butler", Samuel Butler.

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