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Spell check of low

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Correct spelling:
Not high; deep; not loud; cheap; humble; mean.
To bellow, as cattle.
quiet (verb)
hushed, quiet.
despicable (adjective)
repulsive, despicable, mean, vile, offensive, reprehensible, repellent, revolting, loathsome, contemptible.
short (adjective)
concise, stumpy, petite, little, squat, curt, puny, runty, short, picayune, succinct, compact, condensed, brief, clipped, abridged, small.
unimportant (adjective)
unconsidered, of no consequence/of little consequence, irrelevant, inconsequential, unimportant, meaningless, superficial.
simple (adjective)
economical, inexpensive, moderate.
little (adjective)
short, minute, few, narrow, concise, scanty, delicate, compact, small, brief, succinct, little, puny, paltry, meager, diminutive.
vulgar (adjective)
rough, rank, offensive, coarse, earthy, shameless, degraded, unseemly, revolting, ill-bred, chintzy, unpolished, broad, glaring, undignified, depraved, cheap, ignominious, ignoble, scandalous, brutish, tawdry, graceless, barbaric, crass, sleazy, idiomatic, sordid, coarse-grained, indelicate, gaudy, in bad taste, obscene, colloquial, unbecoming, animal, raw, vulgar, tactless, inelegant, brazen, profane, crude, tasteless, homespun, boorish, cockney, rude, barnyard, garish, philistine, outlandish, base, repulsive, clumsy, salty, common, gross, unrefined.
low (adjective)
squat, level, deep, bottom, stumpy, flat, short.
quiet (adjective)
sotto voce, soft, faint, whispering, muffled, mumbling.
Other synonyms:
first-class honours degree, contralto, low-necked, analog, lowborn, abominable, blue, debased, deep, quietly, shy, broken in, on your last legs, decumbent, glum, low-toned, baritone, melancholic, wiped out, disconsolate, modest, fruity, poor, grave, down, get-go, downhearted, reasonable, rocky, unattainable, roughneck, cunning, chilled, underslung, lowset, breathless, unavailable, hushed, front, nasty, depressive disorder, forlorn, fatigued, calm, precipitous, suffering, woeful, subdued, secondary, bleak, off-color, baseborn, antipathetic, frail, sick, stress, centigrade, miserable, lowermost, minor, Celsius, showtime, crispy, humiliated, overcome, slight, dead, built, boot-cut, detractive, mournful, low-life, grim, unhopeful, wimpy, derogative, dirty, small-scale, dishonest, economic crisis, low-cut, diminished, deprecative, casual, despondent, air pressure, asleep, crisp, hell, pitiful, lousy, odious, eighties, corrupt, currish, number one, repugnant, higher, shabby, bottommost, first, freshwater, fresh, deceitful, popular, subaltern, croak, anticyclone, sickly, prostrate, bay, homesick, clean, start, sawed-off, calorific, advanced, dull, reduced, in absentia, departed, kill, unhappy, confused, tragedy, junior, boiling point, creamy, dirt cheap, clever, commencement, brittle, moody, low-neck, all in, indisposed, inexpensive, inconsolable, petty, bray, frontal, uncultured, weary, alto, croaky, subordinate, David Low, lowly, run-down, absolute zero, gentle, absent, lifeless, light, below, dispirited, exhausted, unsubstantial, worst-case scenario, lowbrow, cheapo, adenoidal, enervated, embarrassed, saddened, insufficient, unwashed, low pressure, boundary, depression, dime-store, low-level, infamous, lowering, hapless, lower-ranking, low-down, first gear, late, sapped, subnormal, rudimentary, prostrated, money, hangdog, devalued, elevated, softened, missing, cheapie, enfeebled, obnoxious, pejorative, cordless, automatically, low-spirited, clinical depression, rough-hewn, grating, proletarian, soft, abhorrent, standard, joyless, melancholy, breathy, fallen, right, offset, sunken, inferior, average, cream, sad, low-slung, piteous, spiritless, crisis, low-lying, low-pitched, tender, pocket-sized, unkept, minuscule, heartsick, the Gulf Stream, auxiliary, above, over, best, inadequate, forward, profound, low-set, tropical, humbled, baa, menial, gone, undermost, sorry, exacting, rotten, mild, beginning, knee-high, weakened, whispery, backless, button-down, lower-class, smalltime, belittled, clingy, brokenhearted, wretched, abject, first base, defunct, wanting, languid, range, heartsore, depleted, value, nefarious, grunt, check, unprincipled, health, heartbroken, fraudulent, bellow, atmospheric pressure, detestable, unscrupulous, misplaced, buttery, limit, el cheapo, happy, uncouth, tired, low-priced, lesser, budget, classical, pathetic, degree, Fahrenheit, depreciatory, droopy, caramelized, cold, cut-rate, plebeian, squalid, scarce, drowsy, deceased, dysphoric, demised, natural depression, low-key, wistful, isobar, deprecatory, incult, lowbred, outset, measly, raffish, starting time, limitation, lost, moo, sorrowful, clockwork, dozy, kickoff, rock bottom, sleepy, down-and-out, dishonorable, mere, infirm, feeble, down in the mouth, low-cost, ill, confines, lumpen, lacking, restriction, low-minded, automatic, effete, upset, constraint, call, cool, quagmire, tristful, untruthful, disgusting, monotone, pocket-size, contrabass, beneath, appealing, depreciative, battle, bass, debilitated, throaty, deep-sea, hiss, junior-grade, gloomy, asthenic, only, nethermost, barely, degraded, low-rise, disembodied, double-bass, humble, good, cut-price, high, trouble, cold front, heavy-hearted, execrable, foul, number 1, ailing, baggy, rugged, plunging, F., sparse, deplorable, disordered, depressed, briny, C, disparaging, dizzy, busted, filthy, slump, desolate, heavy, squat, contemptible, coastal, crushed, A-line, choppy, under, low-end, bimetallic strip, imprint, scurvy, praise, insensible, deficient, wasted, restraint, heavyhearted, lofty, equatorial, despisable, illiberal, scummy, impression, derogatory, bargain-basement, destroy, mortified, crestfallen, woebegone, slighting, funky, uncomplimentary, weak, control, dejected, minimum, devious, low gear, nether, nightmare, scant, dubious, minor-league, ordeal, classically, low-keyed, broken, misfortunate, away, quiet, uncultivated, wimpish, lower, muted, chewy, snide, fluvial, impoverished, downcast, meek, prole, sad, bark, doleful, pitiable, small, bad, cast down, affordable, Sir David Alexander Cecil Low, button-through, bleat, unrefined.
Examples of usage:
  1. John passed through the low door. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.
  2. " True," he said in a low voice. - "Out Like a Light", Gordon Randall Garrett.
  3. It turned and gave a low cry. - "Heidi", Johanna Spyri.

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