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Spell check of lost

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Correct spelling:
Parted with; forfeited; missing; wasted; ruined.
failed (verb)
busted, flopped, floundered, collapsed, blundered, fell, fallen, stumbled, failed, faltered, flunked.
lost (verb)
misplaced, dissolved, divested, dropped, forfeited, shrunk, decremented, exhausted, dispossessed, eroded, debited, dissipated, shrank, decreased, depleted.
forgotten (adjective)
obliterated, forgotten, elapsed, gone, erased, unremembered, extinct, irrecoverable.
dead (adjective)
lifeless, departed, at peace, inanimate, at rest, unresponsive, deceased, late.
forgot (verb)
omitted, forgotten, blanked, overlooked, obliterated, forgot, elapsed, erased, neglected.
Other synonyms:
woolly-headed, hazy, feeble, confused, without, alert, ruined, straying, misplaced, unacquainted, befuddled, kaput, shy, fated, uncertain, gone, who asked you?, down the drain, unprofitable, stray, vanished, begone, astray, destroyed, faulty, unavailable, disconnected, new, found, disordered, garbled, shot, dead, doubtful, unconnected, religion, incomprehensible, woolly, disoriented, absent, unredeemed, forfeit, come back, get out, upset, addled, unsure of yourself, underutilized, muzzy, illogical, leave, mislaid, timid, ill at ease, unoriented, incapacitated, apart, concerned, missing, weak, missed, at sea, baffled, alienated, unfamiliar, sickly, attentive, preoccupied, strayed, lacking, mixed-up, insecure, attention, thoughtful, unattainable, do you mind?, under someone's critical eye, regard, disabled, ill-informed, damned, wooly, doomed, minus, reward, invisible, get, condemned, fixated, attention span, squandered, down, foredoomed, confiscate, battered, obscured, bewildered, mazed, uncomprehensible, costly, wandering, broken, cast away, illiterate, irrecoverable, unsaved, live, away, befogged, bemused, unrecoverable, seek, inhibited, retiring, suit yourself, uninformed, hopeless, underused, ignorant, perplexed, forfeited, bemused, helpless, in absentia, flawed, why should I?, deep in thought, hidden, muddled, wrecked, unknowing, tentative, wasted, forgotten, scattered, trashed, focused, disjointed, confounded, wooly-minded, law, anomic, observant, unsuspecting, misspent, defunct.
Examples of usage:
  1. As the man said when he lost his wife, " It's quiet but verra verra peacefu'." - "Olivia in India", O. Douglas.
  2. I have lost a dear sister. - "Our Bessie", Rosa Nouchette Carey.
  3. Now I'm absolutely lost. - "Royal Highness", Thomas Mann.

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