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Spell check of logy

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Correct spelling:
dull (adjective)
drowsy, lazy, sluggish.
Other synonyms:
tired, fogged, beat, brumous, bleary, spent, lethargic, dazed, bushed, all in, done, wiped out, stupid, drained, pooped, aweary, groggy, unergetic, knackered, jaded, misty, worn, foggy, stupefied, prostrate, dead, exhausted, done in, muzzy, stunned, blurred, beaten, blurry, burned-out, worn-out, hazy, washed-out, fatigued, played out, tapped out, tuckered, stuporous, fuzzy, limp, wearied.
Examples of usage:
  1. Ann usually set in to give me the family particulars when I was logy with sleep a Sunday night. - "Strangers and Wayfarers", Sarah Orne Jewett.
  2. On the other hand, the Buff Rock matures about a month earlier than the logy, slow- growing breeds, and so gets a good start before the cold and eggless weather comes. - "The Hills of Hingham", Dallas Lore Sharp.
  3. As for the danger from a shore- point of view: Ashore we make the mistake, perhaps, of thinking of a submarine as a heavy, logy body fighting always for her life beneath an unfriendly ocean; whereas she is a light- moving easily controlled creature cruising in a rather friendly element. goer's - "The U-boat hunters", James B. Connolly.

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