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Spell check of liver

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Correct spelling:
One who lives; gland which secretes the bile.
meat (noun)
flank, porterhouse steak, mutton, ham hock, ham, roast beef, sirloin, pot roast, kidney, meat, rump roast, ground beef, flesh, hamburger, tripe, filet mignon, tenderloin, turkey, beef, frankfurter, sausage, wiener, pork chop, ribs, bacon, sirloin steak, poultry, cutlet, roast, smoked sausage, lamb chop, lamb, fillet, chop, veal, venison, brisket, hot dog, Canadian bacon, chicken, meat pie, T-bone steak, loin chop, meat loaf, pork, minute steak, spareribs.
Other synonyms:
chitterlings, organ, glandular organ, appendix, colorful, giblets, anus, belly, bile duct, tongue, brains, vital part, bladder, anal, colored, bile, liver-colored, alimentary canal, abdominal, sweetbread, asshole, coloured.
Examples of usage:
  1. He said, " The Japanese has a heart like a dog and a liver like a wolf." - "Flash-lights from the Seven Seas", William L. Stidger Commentator: Bishop Francis J. McConnell.
  2. He was a great light in his denomination, but he was an extravagant liver, and, being unable to pay his debts, he was arrested and put into jail, with the liberty of the " limits." - "The Complete Essays of C. D. Warner", Charles Dudley Warner.
  3. It didn't last but a minute, but it scared the liver out o' me. - "The Bent Twig", Dorothy Canfield.

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