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Correct spelling:
Living; active; burning.
To have life; exist; last; subsist; dwell; pass one's time.
live (verb)
reside, endure, abide, exist, continue, survive, dwell, persist.
active (adjective)
energetic, vivid.
exist (verb)
prevail, exist, abide, subsist, occur, endure, am, continue, last.
live (adjective)
organic, living, alive, vital, animate, incarnate.
Other synonyms:
alive, break down, obtain, pass away, cost, die, see, hold up, experience, kick the bucket, resist, function, stretch forth, represent, rifle, stick out, buy the farm, going, breathe, flak, blistering, kick around, work, bulletin, there is/are etc., comprise, live on, spanking, operating, pull through, await, set, spirited, house, nonnuclear, weather, dum-dum, decease, Be, go on, become, embody, exit, delay, take/find pleasure in (doing) something, recognise, depart, alive, continuity, hump, on, fail, pertinent, unrecorded, constitute, expire, loaded, conscious, springy, give way, suffer, digest, red-hot, snuff it, go in for, fit, whippy, bed, match, arrive, off-screen, in play, television, exsert, confront, put up, bankable, buttery, put out, come through, remain, have, travel, bide, acknowledge, go bad, lead, eff, blackout, do it, conk out, docusoap, withstand, relevant, come from, drop out, dwell, roll in the hay, brook, people, calorific, make out, blend in, get, sleep with, anti-personnel, anti-tank, perish, move, calibre, settle down, apposite, AC, choke, plump, cognize, shack, occupy, televisual, support, revel in, sojourn, alert, lie in, hold, caramelized, matchstick, applicable, have it away, creamy, guest, crisp, crispy, ingestion, break, hold water, reside, equal, bonk, germane, heavy, full of life, arc light, conventional, immortal, sleep together, current, debut, delight in, peppy, glowing, pursue, lodge, have a go at it, merry, go, run, untaped, personify, proceed, sustain, cartridge, incendiary, stand up, bandolier, watch, alternating current, cream, brave out, sound, stay, room, surviving, stand firm, stretch out, ringing, to the point, color, die hard, drop dead, get going, lie with, operational, cognise, domiciliate, love, breakfast television, functional, screw, docudrama, brownout, antiaircraft, populate, settle, documentary, pull round, make love, recognize, awake, appropriate, snappy, go along, blend, have sex, chat show, pop off, blank cartridge, working, reverberant, fagot, closed-captioned, long-range, pass, nuclear, radio, co-occur, on-screen, start, conk, detain, harp, quick, life, active, outlive, hold out, arc, consist, go through, domicile, on-air, raging, go away, salient, existing, running, enjoy, safety match, brave, operate, faggot, all-star, follow, lie, make up, be intimate, programming, cord, rattling, broadcast, living, tarry, call-in, have it off, spill, have intercourse, belong, expect, brisk, brood, locomote, chilled, anticipate, concentrate, inhabit, breathing, stick up, unrehearsed, jazz, racy, elastic, board, like, run low, subsist, stomach, animated, buckshot, aware, give out, bouncy, know, feed, have your fun, explosive, blank, charge, stop, defy, interpretative, functioning, live out your life, unfilmed, run short, charged, bang, smoldering, zippy, get it on, live by, make it, bouncing, evergreen, go without, poker, feel, squat, give-up the ghost, smouldering, outlast, tolerate, cool, real, cash in one's chips, spicy, chewy, rest, sit, stand, lively, resilient, feature, bullet, place, croak, caliber, manage, extend, drink in, receive, operative, bubble, rating, hot, interpretive, coexist, wait, get laid, bear, wear.
Examples of usage:
  1. I didn't want to live there. - "Mary Marie", Eleanor H. Porter.
  2. He can make her live with him. - "Put Yourself in His Place", Charles Reade.
  3. Should you like to live with me? - "Annie Kilburn A Novel", W. D. Howells.

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