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Spell check of limp

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Correct spelling:
Act of limping.
Flexible, pliant.
weary (adjective)
wayworn, wasted, debilitated, drowsy, worn-out, droopy, exhausted, faint, feeble, fatigued, sleepy, blue, listless, tired, cheerless, weak, trying, weary, footsore, uphill, bored, apathetic, run-down, frazzled, flaccid, toilsome, over-weary, depressed.
stumble (verb)
hobble, stagger, stumble, totter, falter.
weak (adjective)
loose (adjective)
non-cohesive, non-coherent, lax, disconnected, disarticulated, incoherent, nonadhesive, slack, disjointed, loose, unfastened, broken, discontinuous, detached, unattached, inconsistent, flaccid, non-adherent.
Other synonyms:
shuffle, weak, term of enlistment, jaded, gait, hang-up, duty tour, languishing, jerk, reel, spent, flexible, encumbrance, lag, bushed, ductile, fumble, rub, flounder, catch, arrest, lamely, limber, desperate, done, pliant, fudge, breakable, frail, incumbrance, pliable, enervated, played out, maiden, brittle, lank, tick over, beaten, lax, unsubstantial, wilted, bungle, gimp, preventive, impressible, pace, stop, floppy, walk, thumb, last, proceed slowly, check, commemorative, hostile, flaccid, all in, attempted, formative, step, flag, stay, stride, logy, live to fight/see another day, teeter, survive, soft, hopple, done in, hitch, strut, hinderance, claudicate, bumble, vulnerable, amateur, tuckered, pooped, enlistment, lackadaisical, plastic, burned-out, prostrate, walk lamely, lame, hitchhike, drained, relaxed, hobble, rigid, toddle, tour of duty, fetter, stiff, muddle, beat, hindrance, wobble, languorous, slack, dodder, interference, worn, tour, crumbly, flimsy, yielding, preventative, wearied, spiritless, aweary, washed-out, wiped out, move, dead, fighting for survival, come through, knackered, halt, fragile, tapped out, flabby, delicately balanced, bleary, stoppage, blunder, languid, buck, shuffle, stale, supple, friable, thrive, snag, face-saving, exist, goose step.
Examples of usage:
  1. He ran with a limp. - "Brand Blotters", William MacLeod Raine.
  2. He went limp suddenly and slid out of grasp. Hollister's - "The Hidden Places", Bertrand W. Sinclair.
  3. But he could not hide his peculiar, slight limp, or the cruel yellow eyes; and when Asa saw those eyes he knew them. - "The Boy Scouts on a Submarine", Captain John Blaine.

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