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Spell check of light

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Correct spelling:
Lit or lighted.
Not heavy; easy; active; notdeuse; unimportant; not grave.
That by which things are made visible; illumination; anything that illuminates, as a lamp, & c.; daytime.; knowledge.
To give light to; kindle.
To settle; dismount; come by chance.
light (verb)
radiate, incandesce, glitter, flare, fire, gleam, scintillate, shine, flood, glow, spot, beam, flash, blaze, sparkle, glint, fluoresce, illuminate.
light (noun)
luster, luminousness, illumination, brilliance, brightness, glitter, radiation, scintillation, gleam, incandescence, sparkle, beam, flash, blaze, shine, glow, glint, lucidity.
light (adjective)
gossamer, feathery, airy, weightless, buoyant, delicate.
ignite (verb)
ignite, kindle, burn, inflame.
white (adjective)
snow-white, lily-white, milk-white, milky, silvery, white, eggshell, platinum, ivory, pearly, alabaster, lactescent, snowy, creamy, hoary.
light source (noun)
neon light, moonbeam, flare, klieg light, tungsten lamp, jack-o'-lantern, beacon, pilot light, candle, floor lamp, fire, spotlight, lamp, flame, headlight, mercury-vapor lamp, taper, arc lamp, desk light, street lamp, searchlight, table lamp, sun, illuminator, moon, oil lamp, torch, star, incandescent light, lantern, floodlight, light bulb, fluorescent light, flashlight.
Other synonyms:
hang, stale, neat, glittery, set, sapless, go down, brighten, unprovoked, snap, cigar, luminous, balmy, dainty, ready, elucidation, lissome, glisten, fatless, A-line, poor, exculpated, crossroads, appetizing, incident ray, stop, unfounded, unobjectionable, scanty, lower, featherlight, crystallize, unaccented, tender, frivolous, crystallise, immodest, nett, wee, unused, well-heeled, timid, quietly, lewd, smooth, aquarobics, rickety, animate, roost, flicker, cheroot, lessen, mild, high spirits, candescent, relaxing, incandescent, sandy, thin, disciplinary, brief, piggy, clean-cut, unwarranted, feline, glare, load, nimble, satisfying, blithesome, clear up, sit-down, neglect, boxercise, light-hearted, firing, insensitive, begin, washy, downhill, frame of reference, glare, well-to-do, dazzle, debile, carry, blithe, chiffon, slim, effortless, combust, effervescent, exonerated, lissome, unquenchable, fire up, slack, nimble, send, sensual, hurricane lamp, lovely, sparkling, regard, noctambulism, leisurely, nightlight, gaseous, wild, voracious, reddened, nonabrasive, lilting, illuminated, inflamed, easygoing, benign, unaffixed, mild, chew, unchaste, irradiate, at the crack of dawn, uncontaminating, skimpy, crystalize, spare, superficial, start, quiet, lithesome, ponderous, nonabrasive, penal, fat-free, vision, effortless, featly, set out, decrepit, start out, gleaming, climb down, gently, tiny, hands-down, angle, lenient, sunlit, dense, bodybuilding, conflagrate, colors, only, spare, Inner Light, candent, go up, pale, coruscation, skimpy, cone, downy, large, light up, slight, flash, somnambulist, sluttish, frolicsome, illuminance, flimsy, floodlighted, great, fallible, unclouded, the light, miniature, lite, pleasant, bright and early, frugal, prosperous, see, out of work, black, hand, bleached, ready, just, underweight, fluid, take fire, put down, shadowy, scarce, cheap, bad, sparkle, shimmer, cross, radiant, mock, flow, aerobics, come, casual, send off, candlelight, featherlight, wakeful, fairylike, hushed, lithesome, promiscuous, inadequate, thinly, faint, dizzy, trip out, lightweight, lightly-armed, illume, small, light-armed, respect, seeing, get off, fall, well-defined, lightly, skimp, niggardly, flyweight, twinkling, mere, calisthenics, dreamless, flatboat, flame, bring down, demoralise, sheer, discharge, polished, fainthearted, graceful, shiny, diet, gossamery, muffled, lithe, flinty, Christ Within, well-fixed, glow, nasty, hand-to-mouth, edible, filmy, luminosity, decrease, in the morning, lamplit, visible radiation, heat, alfresco, insubstantial, button-through, sparse, catch, moderate, soothing, floating, smooth, luminance, palatable, dispirit, ray, gale-force, phosphorescent, feline, replete, hop out, insipid, fluid, minuscule, exiguous, slight, light-footed, bantamweight, low-cal, eyesight, softly, set down, clingy, restful, gleam, chintzy, pleasing, trivial, frail, illuminating, dazzling, groundless, gracile, fluent, loose, flat, greedy, button-down, poor, deject, pure, volatile, ill, straighten out, eye, cheap, biting, motiveless, sick, open, niggardly, unmortgaged, noonday, informal, calorie-free, celebratory, depress, free, alight, clean-living, brightness level, sheen, uninfected, fluorescent, easy, digestible, cleared, marshy, settle, weak, light source, hand-to-mouth, briar, lithe, high beams, royal, brilliant, lightweight, let down, post-prandial, underweight, bong, vivid, light-colored, butt, slatternly, lighting-up, dead weight, incandescence, faint-hearted, shining, cutting, dismount, filter, get by, waking, tasty, strike, lightsomeness, first thing (in the morning), gay, someone's eyes are bigger than their stomach, pass, cold, imponderable, glistening, lighted, enjoyable, aspect, fluent, bioluminescent, glitter, snap, Sleeping Beauty, electric arc, merry, swingy, minute, muted, stingy, sporty, little, comfortable, accrue, lighthearted, elation, luster, baggy, feeble, enlighten, get, rest, cast down, chalky, on the loose, airheaded, liberal, aerobic, turn on, commence, shine, glittering, diminish, royal, sportsmanlike, rancid, balmy, shade, scant, crossing, floodlit, low, painless, hands-down, nonfat, green light, glimmer, dismay, inedible, illumine, fair, moderate, cloudless, legerity, palish, broken, tender, lighting, ignition, brake light, facile, delicious, deep, light-footed, abstemious, fog light, minimum, blaze, leavened, sleepyhead, sight, fooling, well-situated, well-off, nice, fragmentary, juicy, hearty, mellow, sort out, sound, lighter, belittle, temperate, corked, get out, blowzy, slender, short, arrive, jobless, spry, fall down, elucidate, well-lighted, skimp, mellow, unimportant, drop, simple, nimbleness, sporting, descend, slap-up, mail, hoy, daylight, agile, low-density, atmospheric, full-bodied, boggy, glistering, ridicule, drinkable, lit, animated, swinging, net, brights, boot-cut, featherlike, lax, powdery, empty-headed, percipient, lunchtime, insufficient, chin-up, gaslight, indecent, watery, livid, backless, peaty, lighten, lightsome, illumination, idle, precipitate, heavy, perspective, sodium, analgesia, write down, get down, wispy, carbonated, kindling, ciggy, pastel, blinkers, insignificant, dim, barge, pleasurable, blank, sunstruck, ignitor, disembark, frothy, unhorse, few, demoralize, clear-cut, featherweight, cigarette paper, agility, barely, facile, flasher, gracile, blowsy, decipherable, scarce, lively, catch the light, take down, spark, dry, absolved, light-duty, Light Within, counterweight, spry, soothing, full, luminescent, fly, weakly, hazard light, bland, floaty, friable, fresh, fag, shallow, bold, rich, devolve, crosswalk, inflammation, gentle, hardscrabble, clean, lightness, ablaze, monotone, glaring, sparing, circuit training, shed light on, alluvial, go to sleep, bend, brash, before dark, aerial, soft, open-eyed, tripping, glister, igniter, come down, return, take off, unstressed, perch, jaunty, following, escaped, set about, slim, attractive, exemplary, agile, bland, swallow, baseless, sour, clear, alcoholic, cigarette, vague, argus-eyed, vindicated, the Beaufort scale, sprightly, unpalatable, escape, tangy, downhill, fluffy, numb, visible light, smartness, flavorful, gusty, dead, by night/day, force, put out, crystalise, stuffed, decaffeinated, joyous, the burn, numbing, backup light, wake, ethereal, wanton, sleeper, readable, gleaming, deficient, jaywalking, vigilant, best, electric discharge, silly, puny, cleverness, colored, lamplight, infirm, atonic, unsubstantial, featly, phase, clarification, headlamp, facet, giddy, charming, grade crossing, twinkle, get away, side, carnal, flare, density, weightlessness, benign, fractional, at large, color-coded, light-headed, stingy, succulent, exiguous, circus, painless, cheerful, gluttonous, bright, undemanding, east, catch fire, featherbrained, arc, easterly, scintillation, sparing, pebbly, stir up, imperfect, lightheaded, simple, trip, insensible, radiance, swooning, tasteless, erupt.
Examples of usage:
  1. But in them, too, was a great light. - "Wolf Breed", Jackson Gregory.
  2. Now I begin to see you in a different light." - "The Guests Of Hercules", C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson.
  3. There is light in the room. no - "The Abandoned Room", Wadsworth Camp.

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