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Spell check of less

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Correct spelling:
A smaller portion; the younger or inferior.
In a smaller degree.
Smaller; not so large.
less (adjective)
beneath, under, below, lower than.
Other synonyms:
power, iff, deficient, depressed, lower, reduced, in decline, plus, diminished, not so much as, shortened, not so significant, minus, not so... (as), lesser, least, and, divide/multiply by, secondary, nowhere/not anywhere near, smaller, peak, inferior, circumscribed, the next best/largest/smallest etc., shorter, subordinate, not as great, junior, declined, fewer, let, to a lesser extent, not as much, limited, minor.
Examples of usage:
  1. I care less for such things now. - "Love's Usuries", Louis Creswicke.
  2. We have more to say than this, and less. no no - "Church and State as Seen in the Formation of Christendom", T. W. Allies.
  3. Father wouldn't have any less, if he could just make up his mind that he didn't have to have it all. - "Mary Wollaston", Henry Kitchell Webster.

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