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Spell check of leprechaun

Correct spelling:
Other synonyms:
hobgoblin, changeling, kobold, elf, puck, sprite, gremlin, troll, goblin, one of the little people, cowboy, Dorian Gray, Cupid, Arthurian, Dracula, dwarf, gnome, faerie, Arthur, cyclops, fay, Dick and Jane, pixie, fairy, brownie.
Common misspellings:
  1. leprachaun (35%)
  2. leprachan (12%)
  3. leprechun (10%)
  4. lepercaun (8%)
  5. leperchaun (8%)
  6. leprechau (8%)
  7. lepurchan (5%)
  8. leperchun (5%)
  9. lepruchan (5%)
  10. leprecaun (5%)
Examples of usage:
  1. I'd take the quickest way to get ye, little wee leprechaun.
    - - "The Cricket", Marjorie Cooke.
  2. " There once was a leprechaun visited me in the night, and she left me something to know her by.
    - - "The Cricket", Marjorie Cooke. - "The Cricket", Marjorie Cooke.
  3. He related long tales of the doings of the leprechaun, with lovely, irrelevant episodes, and told her what he thought was their meaning.
    - - "The Cricket", Marjorie Cooke. - "The Cricket", Marjorie Cooke. - "Hillsboro People", Dorothy Canfield.
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