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Spell check of lead

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Correct spelling:
A soft heavy metal.
Leaden, of, or like, lead.
Precedence; guidance.
To cover or fit with lead.
To go before, as a guide; conduct; precede.
control (verb)
steer, supervise, direct, harness, superintend, preside, rule, order, dominate, govern, pilot, execute, manage, bridle, administer, control, command, discipline, oversee.
precede (verb)
antedate, pioneer, precede, anticipate, antecede, introduce, foreshadow, trail-blaze, forerun, head off, predate.
preceded (verb)
antedated, preceded, anteceded, foreshadowed, forerun, headed off, predated, trail-blazed, anticipated, foreran, pioneered, introduced.
direct (verb)
rule, direct, Lord, superintend, boss, supervise, master, conduct, oversee, manage, govern, command, administer.
element (noun)
terbium, element, gadolinium, barium, californium, radium, potassium, beryllium, phosphorus, helium, sodium, curium, europium, americium, xenon, ruthenium, cadmium, bismuth, rubidium, lithium, niobium, tantalum, promethium, mercury, vanadium, gold, gallium, palladium, indium, holmium, hydrogen, iron, cerium, cesium, boron, uranium, neptunium, sulfur, strontium, krypton, chromium, neon, protactinium, fermium, polonium, manganese, astatine, silicon, einsteinium, fluorine, ytterbium, osmium, lutetium, thallium, titanium, platinum, calcium, rhenium, erbium, mendelevium, neodymium, nickel, yttrium, plutonium, samarium, tungsten, nitrogen, antimony, selenium, zirconium, scandium, bromine, thorium, germanium, dysprosium, actinium, aluminum, silver, copper, technetium, chlorine, tellurium, lanthanum, arsenic, radon, iridium, hafnium, francium, rhodium, cobalt, nobelium, carbon, magnesium, thulium, zinc, molybdenum, oxygen, berkelium, argon, praseodymium, tin, iodine.
metal (noun)
tungsten, titanium, chromium, gallium, zirconium, copper, gold, lithium, mercury, magnesium, radium, barium, phosphorus, silver, cadmium, uranium, strontium, zinc, nickel, tin, beryllium, aluminum, potassium, osmium, metal, sodium, platinum, cobalt.
controlled (adjective)
disciplined, superintended, harnessed, governed, steered, effected, ordered, piloted, presided, managed, supervised, directed, dominated, bridled, controlled, administrated, ruled.
master (verb)
preside, head, command, manage, direct, rule, govern, master.
directed (adjective)
bossed, mastered, ruled, commanded, administered, managed, directed, supervised, conducted, governed, superintended.
influence (verb)
prejudice, predominate, master, authorize, motivate, power, command, control, bias, empower, affect, pressure, influence, sway.
cord (noun)
towline, umbilical cord, guy, rein, twine, string, tendon, shoelace, lace, lasso, sinew, lariat, rope, catgut, binding twine, gut, cord, hamstring, shoestring.
Other synonyms:
dead heat, tinge, give, coat, felt-tip, suggestion, go across, approach, engage, pencil lead, dissuade, allow, reach out, claim, get hold of, strike, acrobat, overtake, watch over, study, prod, die hard, adventurism, cart track, maven, thrive, Amber alert, gratuity, stretch, fade, take away, doorknocker, stretch out, behave, pass, doorplate, marker, blue lead, extend, preeminent, cheesecake, nothingness, tend, collar, assume, forgo, raceway, captain, leave alone, chasten, need, muzzle, winding, model, all-points bulletin, actor, involve, breaking wind, open, foremost, channel, tether, doorstop, twist, champion, pass off, call for, track, choose, trey, outlet, croak, hold in, trinity, allure, malarky, jazz, head up, see, baksheesh, widen, summit, pull up stakes, ascend, run short, administration, fit, heart-throb, spark advance, pick out, travel, caterpillar track, data track, usher, make, persist, plump, perish, lure, accept, trio, farting, institute, pass away, draw out, place, chairman, booster cable, contain, hunt down, hotshot, drag, induce, dealer, whizz, beat, adopt, asterisk, wizard, go without, feed, prosper, glide by, locomote, ply, strain, hold up, deport, buy the farm, decease, ace, end, leadership, calculate, top out, chrome, three, top, brass, virtuoso, call, fall, carry, take aim, take up, alligator clip, maneuver, make it, spur, select, clear, prime, dog collar, bifurcate, pourboire, ahead, kick in, legislate, artist, pursue, move, jumper lead, haul off, give-up the ghost, channelise, come, get cracking, set about, pebibyte, guide, unravel, depart, leading, head teacher, Biro, proceed, head, flatus, running, require, slide by, break, head for the hills, bakshis, authorise, convey, operate, chorus, persuade, bauxite, character actor, fleet, walk, chip in, read, attract, link, ternion, check, blend, inaugurate, crown, chair, shoot, escape, go through, train, pass by, break down, live, race, communicate, slip by, start, air current, become, intimation, arch, sensation, go past, crocodile clip, cameo, precede, survive, pass along, false start, doorstep, bear, deuce-ace, terzetto, initiate, ham, checkpoint, hunt, put up, urge on, star topology, top off, continue, go away, prevail, acquire, overstep, clock, high, jot, egest, drop dead, go on, best, ask, come in, breath, cast iron, provide, live out your life, act, prototype, direct, malarkey, sound, threesome, pinch, blend in, confidential information, instance, racetrack, go forth, gallop, clean up, get out, stereotype, kick off, commence, use up, fall out, tercet, submit, begin, cut, postulate, scat, trine, melt, double, artwork, go, principal sum, range, ladder, organize, bunk, make pass, engineer, soften, sink, come before, occupy, film, hint, poke out, template, guide on, carry on, troika, advice column, rail, broaden, example, point, fill, clown, jack, take place, touch, bullock, extra, premier, petabit, clampdown, mavin, tierce, get ahead, forego, school principal, doorjamb, lede, Pb, embark, happen, adapter, crisis management, runway, be given, exsert, lean, encourage, fly the coop, take to the woods, leave, address, baton, draw, put across, forget, comic, mince, drive, last, blow over, trail, transmit, devolve, slip away, genius, turn over, exit, supreme, turn tail, fart, enter, run for, costar, break away, doorknob, incline, kick the bucket, bequeath, pass on, rails, administrative, first, cartroad, byline, get, headliner, comedienne, bend, will, get off, be a roaring success, branch off, necessitate, tug, fail, dash, take, succeed, die, shuffle, credit, ingest, path, chairmanship, deliver, shepherd, actress, cartoon, remove, impart, reach, deal, manoeuvre, expand, melt down, launch, undertake, return, banner headline, steer, words, alias, charter, go bad, achieve, primary, conk out, bestow, body double, archetype, contribute, lease, corpus, expire, get going, jumper cable, artiste, ensue, manoeuver, baddy, APB, CSR, eliminate, subscribe to, aim, good guy, case, add, target, choke, occur, lead story, bleed, preface, unfold, pack, bakshish, pop off, raise, offer, bronze, entice, overhaul, take on, set to, room, crest, commanding, divide, escort, temper, course, inkstand, run low, cover, galena, allow for, leave behind, scarper, lead-in, principal, elapse, article, flow, whiz, consume, acquit, stretch forth, go out, black market, door, play, learn, cable, subscribe, bring, go by, bad guy, tame, function, hightail it, bit part, look at, wind instrument, conk, fountain pen, set out, look after, protract, highlighter, ballpoint, racecourse, travel by, backsheesh, campaign, consider, hire, take in, tow, channelize, route, run, hold, the blocks, aluminium, get the show on the road, show, snuff it, run away, spend, supereminent, hand, wind, pull, track down, current of air, put out, drop back, be/get there, have, lapse, triplet, prevail on, conduce, be, live on, evanesce, rifle, go along, connect, send, convince, rent, peak, the personification of something, win out, clue, leash, prolong, mastermind, organise, moderate, announcement, doorbell, transcend, petabyte, contract, hap, doorpost, hookup, flourish, admit, trace, mite, conjurer, speck, exact, consort, comport, agent provocateur, leading lady, goodie, cast, surpass, belong, wiz, give out, presiding, adept, curb, tip, classified ad, withdraw, lend, come about, premise, exceed, critical-path method, tone down, demand, endure, idle words, cartridge, caterpillar tread, cash in one's chips, result, excrete, graphite, centerfold, live by, ternary, haul, lam, bid, diverge, conduct, drop out, soupcon, usher in, admin, comedian, work, choke chain, superstar, triad, follow, hold out, star, orchestrate, atomic number 82, flea collar, entrust, chief, give way.
Examples of usage:
  1. That was a great influence in my life and today I am very glad that I obeyed my parents and also let Jesus handle my life and lead me in a right direction. - "The Key To Peace", A. Marie Miles.
  2. Oh, Christine, there is way to lead up to it. no - "A Beautiful Alien", Julia Magruder.
  3. Somehow, that listened like it might be a lead. - "The House of Torchy", Sewell Ford.

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