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Spell check of late

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Correct spelling:
Coming after due time; far advanced; deceased; out of office, & c.
untimely (adjective)
tardy, inexpedient, inopportune, unpunctual, delinquent, untimely, overdue, inconvenient, premature, mistimed, infelicitous, inauspicious, belated.
different time (adjective)
previous, erstwhile, former, then, future, past, next, prior, following, bygone.
lately (adverb)
a short time ago, in recent times.
dead (adjective)
at rest, inanimate, lost, unresponsive, at peace.
late (adjective)
unpunctual, overdue, delinquent, belated, untimely, outdated, tardy.
Other synonyms:
since, belatedly, recent, developed, quondam, ultimate, onetime, once, live, previous, lately, juvenile, posthumous, concluding, behind, slowly, recently, by night/day, departed, deciding, in time, latish, deep, novel, ripe, sometime, newly, asleep, defunct, low, upstart, unpunctual, nocturnal, just now, past, time, moonlit, new-fashioned, deeply, fresh, improved, in arrears, (as) a last resort, not a moment too soon, extinct, latterly, put off, refined, modern, terminal, be out of time, higher, tardy, punctual, fallen, remiss, progressive, advanced, succeeding, held up, cold, evolved, new, deceased, forward, lagging, crowning, new-fangled, high, beyond, last-minute, delayed, dead, lifeless, of late, eventual, old, at the last moment/minute, slow, youthful, at (long) last, new-made, backward, easy, former, young, subsequent, cultured, behindhand, in the course of time, late-night, later, just, closing, after dark, last thing (at night), subsequently, ensuing, precede, other, belated, breathless, postponed, after, demised, overnight, only just, early, latter, last, final, freshly, gone, the other day, whilom, running late, starry, tardily, tardive, after-hours.
Examples of usage:
  1. But it was too late. - "The Crisis, Volume 7", Winston Churchill.
  2. I must go before it is too late. - "Blind Policy", George Manville Fenn.
  3. As it is, it is too late. - "The Four Feathers", A. E. W. Mason.

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