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Spell check of lacquer

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Correct spelling:
resin (noun)
sealing wax, rosin, asphalt, camphor, varnish, bitumen, chicle, coal tar, frankincense, copalite, mineral pitch, algin, gum shellac, myrrh, ambergris, shellac, pitch, tar, gum, resin, amber, agar, mastic, gum ammoniac, guaiacum, oleoresin, gutta-percha, balsam.
Other synonyms:
ice, cleaner, embellish, borax, brush, plate, abrasive, foam, dishwashing liquid, curling iron, grace, wax, paper, barrette, coat, French polish, decorate, color, bobby pin, carpet, air freshener, conditioner, cement, board over, disinfectant, plaster, comb, bleach, veneer, finish, dye, blow dryer, curler, adorn, ornament, beautify, cleanser, tile, cover.
Examples of usage:
  1. The handle of the safe door was corrugated, and the lacquer had worn off, leaving it rough to the touch. - "Malcolm Sage, Detective", Herbert George Jenkins.
  2. The brazier which had been used for the tea still stood in the middle of the floor, and all around it were porcelain bowls and lacquer trays, and a wooden bucket full of steaming rice. - "The Honorable Percival", Alice Hegan Rice.
  3. It was of white marble, brought from for the fifth Baron at the end of the eighteenth century; and a whim of her murdered husband had led him to replace the original, delicate, rather severe furniture by a most comfortable broad couch, two less comfortable chairs with arms, a small red lacquer table and a dozen cushions. Carrara Loudwater no - "The Loudwater Mystery", Edgar Jepson.

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