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Spell check of know

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Correct spelling:
To perceive; be acquainted with; be assured of; recognise.
know (verb)
recognize, perceive, comprehend, understand, discern, grasp.
Other synonyms:
discover, call, bonk, endure, complete, write out, chicane, slam, shut your ears to something, admit, work out, sense, pick out, drive in, enjoy, spot, cut, bed, fill in, apprehend, hunch forward, screw, name after, manage, taste, fidelity, fuck, number off, recall, bash, baptize, contend, pal around, see, neck, live, swear to, know full/perfectly well, sleep with, have, feel, recognise, kip down, issue, hunch, greet, dwell, cheat, socialize, have intercourse, eff, conscious, agnize, survive, answer to, hit the hay, have heard of, go to sleep, tell apart, go, lie with, relive, feelings, have on, knowing, Anglo, compass, subsist, make do, get by, suffer, think back, same, christen, have it off, fare, agnise, cope, recognize, love, cognize, hold out, deduce, knowledgeable, grapple, associate, privy, anglophone, live on, fill out, shaft, associate with, accredit, appreciate, discriminate, depend on, aware, close your ears to something, be, tell, roll in the hay, participate, whop, experience, turn in, remember, whap, have sex, get along, turn a deaf ear (to), know of, bet the farm, come, hold up, crawl in, be stamped on your memory/mind, populate, make love, deal, bop, have a go at it, communicative competence, bring/call someone/something to mind, go around, sack out, differentiate, false beginner, be alive to something, get, be intimate, receipt, possess, encounter, go to bed, fluent, fluency, distinguish, jockey, recollect, meet, do, make sense of something, retire, go through, realize, spang, mix, make out, detect, receive, fathom, chouse, sleep together, have a feel for something, have it away, acknowledge, encode, educated, jazz, cognise, savor, name, get laid, identify, fall/fit into place, prove, last, go by, exist, believe in, code switching, undergo, get the idea, knowledge, do it, hit the sack, hump, get it on, close your ears (to), stick in your mind/memory, be reared on something, prize, separate, feel/know something in your bones, circulate, inhabit, bang, notice, realise, bilingual, ken, see the light, observe, hang around with, sock, hunch over, do something from memory, call after.
Examples of usage:
  1. " Well, I know of one. - "Growth of the Soil", Knut Hamsun.
  2. So much we know. - "Victor Ollnee's Discipline", Hamlin Garland.
  3. How did he know it? - "Careers of Danger and Daring", Cleveland Moffett.

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