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Spell check of Kaaba

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Correct spelling:
Examples of usage:
  1. From his earliest years, Mohammed must have been brought into contact with the religious life of Mecca, for his grandfather was custodian of the Kaaba, or temple, and would frequently take the boy with him on his official visits to the place. - "Mohammed, The Prophet of Islam", H. E. E. Hayes.
  2. He murmured in complaining tone; and in this temper came To where, around the Kaaba, pilgrims knelt of every name; And there he saw, while pity and remorse his bosom beat, A pilgrim who not only wanted shoes, but feet. - "Poems with Power to Strengthen the Soul", Various.
  3. Have you ever heard how used to spend hours leaning against the wall of the Kaaba and praying, if I knew in what manner thou wouldst have me adore thee, I would obey thee; but I do not! Zeyd 'Lord, - "The Redemption of David Corson", Charles Frederic Goss.